Christoforos Papakaliatis: His great return to television

Favorite actor, screenwriter and director Christoforos Papakaliatis spoke by phone to Danae Barka and the rest of her show on the occasion of the TV series “Close your eyes” which returned yesterday to the MEGA frequency. As for the “Close your eyes” that he returned, he said that he saw it in fragments but usually he does not like to see the things he has done in the past as he stressed: “I constantly see the mistakes I have made.” What I like is that it awakens a very tender feeling in you, when you remember the day you did that shoot, the day you were with that actor. Do you remember parts of your personal life through work “added the actor. During this period Papakaliatis would finish shooting the film he is preparing but the pandemic changed his plans.” Due to the situation this project has been delayed and we are all waiting to see what will happen “he said and continued:” I am writing a TV script but I am in the part of the discussions about where, how and when it will be realized. At the moment I am in the writing phase. “The actor even referred to the acceptance that every artist wants to have as large a portion of the audience as possible.” It is not possible to have them all covered. Whether it has to do with talent or not. It matters how much you accept the issue of acceptance. I am at an age where I find substance in other things besides work. At a younger age I was constantly fighting it and trying to prove that what I do is worth it. Which made a lot of sense. “Today I will fight but to make something that I will also like very much” he concluded.

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