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Trump is leaving. Biden is coming. But it is good not to have what happens every time for the last fifty years, whenever a new American president is elected. The “theories” either for redemption or for destruction. This childish, autistic, insecure provincialism has become ridiculous. Biden will be sworn in as US president. No… Paid referee full time Greece – Turkey. If the time comes for him to make moves in Greek-Turkish, he will surely have in his mind, in the files in his office and in the discussions with his officials, completely different from those imagined here by various political rod-scanners studying scales. The above will not happen. And probably nothing will change in general, until there is some new sufficient reason for it. The idea that Biden is going to the White House with the Aegean in mind in the first place simply shows that many here foolishly believe that we are the center of the world. Well: we are not. Especially in the circumstances and with the agenda that he undertakes. Especially with the clearly “institutional” Biden, the attitude of the USA will not change nervously, which has also been institutionalized. And not personally. For Turkey, the State Department and the Pentagon have already taken a hard line. Which have nothing to do with what we knew, especially in the Cold War. Positions compatible with Greek interests. The old intense attempts to appease Turkey at the expense of Greece have faded. However, although Biden has been critical of Erdogan and disgusted with authoritarian leaders, there is a serious danger here: to try again, institutionally, to calm down as part of a general foreign policy adjustment. Something that is expected from the Democrats, after all. In this context, one should also look at the post-dated publication of the State Department report with a reference to airspace unfavorable for Greece, which, however, should not be overestimated. What is not expected is to determine US foreign policy from whether he took a photo with a Greek politician the day before yesterday, from whether he has expatriate friends or from what each of his candidates says. In recent years, the US military presence in Turkey has decreased dramatically. The country lost its participation in the program of fifth generation F35 fighters due to the purchase of Russian S400 missiles. Turkey is constantly becoming a new Iran and this is not acceptable. Erdogan could not stop the effects with the “friendship” he thought he had with Trump. They talked and collaborated often. But, despite the rhetoric, Trump had already sided with the positions of the competent agents of his state. These had prevailed and will probably remain dominant. Trump may, like any president, have his own priorities, but he did not go against his country’s national position. He delayed sanctions on Turkey, but, for example, did not stop the detachment from Incirlik, which is the leading indicator of their bilateral relations. The next step will be the placement of ministers in the new US administration. There the paranoia will be repeated: whoever it puts in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, here they will be analyzed mainly either as pro-Turkish pro-Greeks or as angels with the sword. It will be neither. They will be US ministers. Which will have, among many others, the Greek-Turkish in their drawer. Greece must stick to its positions. To believe in them first. To strengthen as much as possible its geopolitical orientation as a stable, reliable border of the western world. Not to be consumed in dream romance and conspiracy theories. Do her job. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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