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As European governments prepare (?) To face the second wave of the pandemic, another threat looms on the horizon and a new round of debate or controversy is expected to open. It is, of course, the new phase of the economic crisis, which in a strange way evaluated as it should be. In a sense the omission is justified, as the only certainty of the period is the. uncertainty. However, uncertainty does not justify inaction. On the contrary, it imposes foresight. No one knows when the health crisis will stop, so that he can make plans and formulate policies. In the current circumstances, even the estimation that 2021 will be a year of recovery seems dangerous. With the spread of covid, such a discussion seems out of place and out of time. It is enough to limit ourselves to our country and think: is there a case to base next year’s budget on tourism revenues? If this is done, it will have elements of invalidity from the first moment. Correspondingly, all European economies and the whole planet are now moving into an economic minefield, with elements that had to appear for almost a century. The combination of recession and deflation in the Union is a nightmarish scenario, unfortunately not far off. It is enough to take into account that today inflation in EMU, despite billions of fresh money, remains close to 1%, shaking up economic models and violently overturning the doctrines of recent decades. banking systems need to be reorganized quickly, insurance systems need to be restructured, and labor relations need to be institutionalized in their new, already implemented context. to operate with the same, well-known laziness and with the reasoning that at some point, somehow, we will return to the known context. Will all this happen? It should be the goal and the central agenda of the new globalization. If it is not this development, the debris left behind by this unprecedented crisis, in fact should be collected and all the necessary changes will be made or otherwise, possibly and violently. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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