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The joy in the ranks of Barcelona lasted only a few hours due to the gel of Real Madrid against Cadiz. reached the top with 10 points against Real Madrid! With several changes and with Dembele, Dest and Pedri giving their presence in the starting lineup, Ronald Koeman led his team. The team that started the match better, however, was Getafe. The hosts were pressing Barcelona, ​​however they could not create a classic opportunity that would be difficult for Neto. The visitors, on the other hand, started to rise timidly, with the final pass also missing επίσης The “Blaugrana” were the ones who threatened, with Lionel Messi sending the ball to the crossbar, after a pass from Serginio Dest who played for the first time as a key player in the Catalans. Just a few minutes later, Barcelona lost a huge opportunity, with Pentri taking four Griezmann, who sent the ball over the goal… The rest of the first half went “quietly” without any significant development… The second half had another story… Just ten minutes after the start, Getafe managed to win a penalty after by a very careless marking by Frankie de Jong. Jaime Mata scored from the white ball, putting Getafe in front of the score! »Had difficulty playing their game, with Getafe playing its own tough and fighting game. In fact, in the 85th minute, Fernandez almost “locked” the game, however, his finish went off… field… In the delays, Messi missed a huge opportunity, while Dakonam sent the ball to the crossbar of his own home, without paying it. .

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