Carrying out an annual inventory of livestock

The annual inventory of livestock of sheep and goats and pigs, and the notification of the relevant data to the relevant veterinary authority, is the obligation of each owner of sheep, goats and pigs in the territory. It is also noted that: a) This obligation applies to all sheep and pig farmers who have not applied for the cessation of their holding, including those who may or may not own livestock during the annual census, but have not, at their request, terminated the operation of their holding (b) In the case of ovine and caprine animals, the inventory shall be carried out during the months of (01) November- (15) December of each year and its notification to the competent veterinary authority shall be made within 30 days of its completion, which shall not exceed December 15 (in no case should the inventory date be confused with the common date (c) In the case of pigs, the inventory shall be made within December and its notification to the competent veterinary authority shall be made within 30 days of its completion (in no case should the inventory date with the date of notification to the relevant veterinary authority). In order to better serve the stakeholders for this year (2020) and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the notification of the livestock inventory of each sheep, goat and pig holding may be carried out: – preferably, using the corresponding digital services that have been put into operation and will be activated from 1 November (sheep and goats) and from 1 December (pigs), without requiring the physical presence of the sheep and goat / pig farmer in the services. and access by the interested party to the digital notification service of the annual livestock inventory of holdings for those who have not already done so is done: (I) Via the e-mail address of the Ministry of Regional Development (, selecting the “Digital Services” and then from the menu the relevant digital service. (II) Following step by step the detailed instructions available posted there. Anyone interested should also be aware that: (a) When submitting the inventory through the respective digital service, a relevant certificate is issued, which the user prints and attached to the register of his holding. (b) The register of the holding should be updated with the inventory data, accordingly (the digital submission of the inventory of livestock does not replace the obligation of the holder to update the register of his holding). (c) Each user / owner of sheep, goats or pigs has the possibility to digitally submit inventory data only once during the inventory period (in case the submitted inventory needs to be modified due to incorrect information, the interested party should contact the relevant veterinary authority immediately) .- or by contacting each holder at the relevant veterinary authority, preferably by appointment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and their less inconvenience.Please the timely notification of the inventory of all holders of sheep, goats and pigs because otherwise an administrative fine of 100.00 to 1,500.00 euros is imposed. Information on the subject is given by the Veterinary Services of the Regional Units. See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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