Carrera: “Working on lack of concentration in defense”

Massimo Carrera spoke about the defensive mistakes and the lack of concentration that AEK presents in view of the match with OFI. In detail, what the Italian coach of the Union told Nova: About the image he has of the team in the match against Leicester: ” We played a great match against a great team. We understood that if we play with this passion and are willing to sacrifice, we can face big teams. “On how difficult it has been to qualify after the defeat by Leicester:” Another match with OFI precedes and we are focused on that. We will see about the Europa League after the match with OFI “. About the suspensive operation of AEK and if it worries him: We have to improve this and work in the next period “. For the changes of the persons in the defense and if there is a lack of coherence from the defensive line of AEK for this reason:” It could, but the truth is that we have the most goals accepted by static phases. Something that I think has nothing to do with the changes of faces. There is an individual lack of concentration in the static phases. “How he explains the fact that Oliveira and Livia have not been in shape since the beginning of the season, while last year he was one of the most valuable players:” These are things that happen to attackers. There are times when the ball goes into the net and others do not. The important thing is to play for the team and create opportunities for them. The important thing is to play for the team. “On whether they could be affected by the fact that they are in the last year of their contract:” No, I do not think that is the problem. Equally, a player who terminates his contract gives everything he has inside to prove either that he needs to renew or to attract the interest of other teams. “For OFI:” It is a team that we have played with several times. They are a good team, they like to play good football and they build from the defense. We will see the players, both in mental and physical condition, in what phase they are in in order to face this match in the best way. ” It is at 80% readiness. Of course he has time to play and he will enter the team little by little. “On whether he is anxiously waiting for the returns to the midfield as Sakhof and Kristicic have been burdened:” Surely the center suffered more. Now we hope that in the near future everyone will be available. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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