Carrera: “To play all the games as if it were a final”

Massimo Carrera spoke to NOVA’s camera ahead of the match against Larissa and stressed that every game must be final for his team. At the same time, the Italian coach referred to the many cases that hit the Union and made it difficult to prepare for the match with AEL. In detail what he said: On how he dealt with the situation with the many cases of coronavirus: “It was not easy to do the training properly. The good thing is that we brought most, unfortunately not all, in good physical condition. The truth is that we live in a pandemic and we have to do the best we can in the situation we are experiencing “. About how he lived the match with Zoria from Athens:” When you watch the match on TV you have more intensity because you do not you are on the field to talk to the players. We were well prepared for the match, the positive thing is that the players did what we had prepared. “How his work in the preparation for the match with AEL was made difficult by the players’ absences from training:” These are things that happen in football . We did our best to prepare. We have a series of games every three days, nine to ten games in total. We did not have the opportunity to prepare as we wanted, however we did the preparation and we hope to find a rhythm for all these games. “On whether AEK is in better physical condition now in view of the series of games that follow compared to the period before the break: “I think we should be better prepared than in the previous season. After a break it is not always easy to get back on track. The important thing is to enter with the right mentality to win the games in Greece and Europe. “On whether there is a dilemma between Tsintota – Athanasiadis in view of AEL:” Today we will decide. We will see in what condition Tsintotas will be. We will see if it will be available. The final decision is always the player’s own. “On how he expects the match with AEL:” We have to face the matches independently of the opponent. We want to stay close to the top. We want to go out on the field with fighting spirit and play all the matches as if it were a final. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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