Cancer: Each month of delay in treatment due to lockdown increases by 10% the risk of death of patients

Cancer patients who delay treatment for a month for some reason, such as coronavirus lockdown, have an average 10% increased risk of dying, according to a new Canadian-British scientific study. The longer the necessary treatment is delayed, the greater the risk to patients. The experience of the first outbreak of Covid-19 and the initial lockdown in many countries has led to delays in treatment in several cancer patients, which in some researchers. There is concern that the second outbreak of the coronavirus and the new lockdowns it is bringing back to several countries will have consequences for cancer patients. Researchers, led by Dr. Timothy Hanna of the Cancer Research Institute of the University of Canada, Canada published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), evaluated all relevant research for the period 2000-2020, which covered a total of 44% of cancer cases worldwide and 1.27 million patients, focusing on how a A month delay in their treatment can affect their chances of survival. The study concludes that in the case of a one month delay in oncological surgery, the patient’s risk of death increases by 6% to 8%. Greater (9% to 13% increase in chance of death) is the effect of delaying some radiotherapy, chemotherapy and pharmacotherapy, especially for seven types of cancer, such as bowel, breast and head-neck (neck). If the delay is longer one month, the risk of death increases even more. In the case of e.g. postponing a breast cancer surgery by two months, the risk increases by 17%, while if the delay reaches three months, the risk is higher by 26%. Source: RES-BEA Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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