But how do dishonest people think?

My question is sincere and well-intentioned: do they really believe in SYRIZA that with their policy on the issue of the coronavirus they will attract voters or maybe despair has already hit the ceiling in Koumoundourou and they do not know where they are and where they are? to those who have not watched the make-up of the opposition that, on the occasion of the announcement by the government of the second lockdown, Tsipras decided to launch his “big spring counterattack”. (I know we are in winter, but we are talking about Tsipras, who never sticks to such details…) Specifically, he asks for a Board of Governors, to which the government will not more or less hand over its responsibilities. The Council will appoint a common Minister of Health, a common Health policy and a similar economic policy, based on the mythical money tree and with the aim of building socialism through bankruptcy. And SYRIZA bases all this crazy invention on the assessment that the second lockdown is a disaster for the government. The logic on which SYRIZA’s position is based is, at best, simplistic and childish: it is addressed to people who may have minds, but for to think they use another organ of the body. The logic of Alexis Tsipras, who personally assumes the weight of this attitude, wants the administrative measures available to the respective government (restrictions, prohibitions, etc.) to be something like absolute theological or ideological truths, intended to remain immovable and unchanging over the centuries, not what they really are: means to an end, the use of which depends on the conditions of reality. Based on the peculiar logic of SYRIZA, the government’s determination to move forward now in a second lockdown is interpreted as indecision, because somehow he should have made a preventive lockdown and nationalization of the economy six months earlier! In SYRIZA they confuse politics with theology, confuse strategy with tactics and underestimate the intelligence of the world more than it deserves. Their attitude to the current health crisis ends up being a show of goodwill. Useful demonstration, however, because it makes the basically-minded citizens realize how lucky we are that the burden of such crucial decisions lies not on people like Tsipras, Polakis and Pappas. . But the division of American society remains and its management will also depend on the behavior of the loser: will Trump acknowledge his defeat and facilitate the smooth transition to the new government or not? The great irony for the outgoing president is that in this case In this case, the interests of his country are identical with those of his staff, even if he is unable to comprehend this. Like it or not – and I personally do not like it at all – Trump leaves a tangible legacy to his party. He managed to express and mobilize, albeit in a dangerous and blatantly divisive way, the feelings of a stratum of the American population that has hitherto remained silent. It also has the highest number of voters in the party’s history. However, to increase the value of Trump’s legacy, it must facilitate a smooth transition. If there is one and only time that it is necessary to become president, it is now. Smoothness ensures the value of what Trump stands for and which may be defeated, but it is strong. Denial, on the other hand, exacerbates division, but also makes it more likely to be sidelined. I guess it will follow its nature and choose the worst for everyone… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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