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The document that came into my possession on Saturday comes from a central hospital in Athens (not the one that will go to the minds of some skeptics…) and reveals a serious aspect of the “konoma” that has been set up around the coronavirus and its treatment. The hospital received last spring as a donation of respirators, courtesy of a rich man who was sensitized by the call to help everyone in the shield of the NSS to deal with the pandemic. The Chinese-made respirators were handed over to the hospital administration, but were never used because the pandemic had since subsided and there was no need to use them to help some patients affected by the coronavirus. As it happened in various other hospitals of Athens, which at that time were flooded by the donations of individuals and organizations, companies, etc. Good so far? Businesses with the coronavirus IIKala, and let’s go below, to “psachno”. Around September, with the pandemic having started to show its teeth, a private company appears in a letter to the hospital administration, stating that since the beginning of September it has taken over the representation of the specific respirators for Greece and asks, Please note: 2,700 plus VAT for the installation of ventilators, providing for this, in addition to technical assistance, and a guarantee of proper operation for one year, but not from September, but from 2020 April 2020, when the ventilators were delivered to the administration That’s, I explain, requires 2,700 plus VAT and gives a five-month warranty – while under the EU directives the warranty for all equipment is set at two years. The important thing is that the company informs the hospital that if in the end they want a two-year guarantee of good operation with the consequent maintenance if required, this will cost 3,900 euros plus VAT. It is understood that the hospital administration is looking to see what is happening. Let’s say, is it possible that the respirators were bought by the donors without a guarantee from the Chinese company? And if so, can the warranty cost ⅓ the value of a respirator? And then who certifies that the specific private company mentioned above is in charge of giving guarantees on behalf of a third party, which is the Chinese company? I am waiting for answers… (Because the coronavirus is here, and shows its teeth…) PASOK saves Slowly we did not wait for Mrs. Olympia Teligioridou, the SYRIZA MP, to certify that PASOK is everywhere, it is global, and it is constantly at the forefront. The MP made a post on Facebook, a retro photo of four students of the Veterinary School of Thessaloniki, which also shows Albert Bourlas, the CEO of Pfizer, who discovered the miraculous vaccine for the coronavirus. What Mrs. Teligioridou did not tell us is that, like her, so many (but so many) others that Albert was PASOK. And the photo was from the PASP elections, in 1982 – when all of Greece was “green” from top to bottom, and Bourlas was another “pioneer of the socialist transformation” of the country, in the name of the late Andreas Papandreou! (I guess my diligent readers remember that in October, when it was revealed that President Trump had contracted the coronavirus and was receiving medication from the cocktail processed by Regeneron, I had revealed that the company operated by Kozani-based scientist that Kyratsos’s speech is related to a member of the early PASOK, Mercouri Kyratsos, who unfortunately is not alive to rejoice, as we all rejoiced.) What can we say now? PASOK will save the world too! Finished things. No, because some consider it excessive that some children spray-paint the pan-Hellenic request “PASOK save us” on the walls at night! “Clean” line Opposition for the rubble, opposition for laughter and crying. I imagine you remember that one of the focal points of President Alexis (and SYRIZA of course κρι)’s criticism of the government regarding the management of the second wave of the pandemic was why it closed high schools and lyceums and left elementary schools and kindergartens open. And the complaints about the dangers of this decision to spread the disease, and the complaints about the expediency of the government’s decisions, and the questioning of the science of the Infectious Diseases Committee and Sotiris Tsiodras more specifically, because demand the closure of primary schools. Now that the government has finally decided, based on the official data on the variation of cases, to extend the lockdown to primary schools, again criticism from SYRIZA for closing them! The only thing I found real in the relevant announcement of SYRIZA, and I will characterize it as a serious remark, it is the following, which I copied as it is: “The least the government has to do is to prepare the schools on the days of the lockdown for a proper opening this time, without new ridiculous relapses”. It is called τικοί Political tsaboukades. Opposition to the rubble (number 2), opposition to tsaboukas, and extremism. The state of emergency that the country is experiencing led the government to decide to ban the events for the Polytechnic – knowing (because it knows, the rest who also know pretend to ignore it) that in the previous large gathering, this one in front of the Court of Appeals in the Golden Court At dawn, the coronavirus party. He does not want this to happen again. And he announced it in all tones. But some believe that most of us are compromised. And these are the only fighters in the country. That disobedience, disobedience, denial is political. But it is not to say, okay guys, nothing happened if we do not celebrate the Polytechnic this year. We have been celebrating it for 46 years now, every year and worse. If this year, for very specific reasons, we do not celebrate, nothing happened. No one’s submissiveness is submissive. Not even his leftism. Nor will his faith in the slogans of the uprising, in “Bread – Education – Freedom” be questioned. And someone who was THERE and THEN says it. Varoufakis was not. Not even Tsipras. The first was 12 years old in the uprising and the second unborn. I have no idea about Mitsos Koutsoumbas, I do not know. But everything that has been happening since Saturday, when Chrysochoidis contacted everyone and informed them about the ban, is beyond any logic. And it shows that unfortunately the anniversary of the uprising will certainly become a field of petty confrontation… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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