BSE: 1 in 2 businesses are threatened by cyber attack

More than 50% of small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to be threatened by some form of cyber-attack in 2020, BSE said in a study drawing the attention of businesses to cybersecurity. “While the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of public organizations and businesses, there is no corresponding upgrade and review of security systems and policies.” A serious incident can disrupt the proper functioning and even endanger the survival of the business, “the Association said. “Cyber-attacks can damage a company’s credibility, cause financial damage, disrupt productivity, steal intellectual property, leak confidential information, cut off access to databases, or even blackmail it.” release “of the data. They can also pose legal risks due to insufficient protection of personal data (GDPR rules). ā€¯According to a study by Deloitte and MAPI (Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation) for 2018: * 4 in 10 industrial companies in the last 12 months were affected by an event Blackmail incidents increased 35-fold, while fraud cases increased 2.5-fold. * The financial loss from Internet of Things-related security incidents averaged Euro330,000. * The financial loss from data breaches rose It is noted that the numbers show a strong upward trend in 2019, while the pandemic is expected to increase them further.-The average rehabilitation cost along with the average impact on daily operation is estimated at Euro13 million per violation . This damage has shown a significant upward trend of 72% in the last five years. to perform systematic tests of the security system in a controlled environment. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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