Breast Cancer: Winning the War With Less Losses

October 25 has been designated as World Breast Cancer Day. For many an ordinary day, for others a very important one, for most an unknown anniversary. How many people know even a little about breast cancer? Even women declare complete ignorance about the basic elements of the disease and for this reason they do not give the proper importance. And if men believe that it is a “women’s issue” and they are not interested, they laugh. Why do you ask men, partners, fathers or brothers of women who have had breast cancer? According to the World Health Organization, more than 1,600,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer. In Europe, more than 450,000 women develop breast cancer. About 140,000 die due to the disease In Greece there are about 6,000 new cases per year, while it is estimated that 1,500 will die due to breast cancer. So this is a plague which requires two things to be treated: The first is the prevention, like all diseases, like most cancers. The second is knowledge, information. Without the knowledge of the disease there can be no prevention. Unfortunately both in our country and around the world not all women have the same access to health services. Many Greek women do not care about breast cancer, the preventive examinations they have to do, their self-protection and their self-examination. They do not have much money to go to doctors, to have a mammogram, to be examined every year as a mandatory appointment Unfortunately, there are many such women, many families who lose a member because they can not afford preventive medicine. The State must help these women. With constant updates, with free exams, with programs that will be addressed to people who are not financially comfortable. That is why the Prime Minister’s commitment to free mammograms for women over the age of 49 every two years is important. The program needs to be expanded, but at least it is a start 90 90% of cancers can be treated if diagnosed early. So is not a comprehensive program of information and provision of health services that will save lives? Where will they save our mother, wife, partner, friend? It is not worth the relief in the face of a person who can say ” I do not have cancer “, or” I fought and won? “But I also need the constant support of women who are battling cancer. Have you met women who had a mastectomy? Have you ever met women who undergo chemotherapy, lose their hair, their sexuality, their body changes and feel unwanted? for an entire life? Therefore, an anniversary, a few words of sympathy on October 25th and the next day are not enough to forget everything. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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