Bond yields corrected after the news of the vaccine

Corrected the bond market after the news of the Pfizer vaccine. Earlier, the yields had fallen to a new historical record with the yield of the 5-year bond becoming negative for the first time. The prices and yields of government securities in the secondary market today followed the movement of the children’s game “yo-yo”. Greek and Italian bonds fell a few hours after the start of the session to a new historical record, under the psychological pressure caused by the outbreak of the pandemic, a fact that directs investors to safe placements. In the bond market, they contribute significantly to the de-escalation of yields. Indicatively, the 10-year yield fell to 0.73%, while the 5-year yield for the first time in its history fell below 0 and specifically to -0.017%. However, the climate changed early in the afternoon following the news of the positive results from the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine tests. It raised the morale of investors as it created reasonable hopes for a quick response to the pandemic and the reduction of the adverse economic effects it causes. The news was welcomed by the stock markets, but bond prices were pressured. So early in the afternoon of the Greek 10-year increased to 0.867% and of the 5-year to 0.090%. In the Electronic Trading System of the Bank of Greece (HDAT) transactions of 324 million euros were recorded, of which 106 million euros related to purchase orders. The yield of the 10-year benchmark bond stood at 0.73% against -0.51% of the corresponding German bond, resulting in a margin of 1.54%. In the foreign exchange market, the euro fell against the dollar after the rise in the morning , with the result that the European currency traded early in the afternoon at $ 1.1813, from $ 1.1881 when the market opened. The indicative euro / dollar exchange rate announced by the ECB stood at $ 1.1883. Source: RES- BEAFollow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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