“Bombs” Kougia for a mysterious goalkeeper: “How long do you spend with us?”

Alexis Kougias made a written statement on Sunday that raises questions. The owner of PAE AEL talked about a goal… local level and recalled a similar phase during the period when he was involved in the amateur championships Α Alexis Kougias did not explain who he meant, but some correlations are obvious. Apart from the shocking unexpected, Kougias refers to Sunday’s Superleague game, since his team, Larissa, is playing in this category. The matches that took place on Sunday are three: Aris – Asteras Tripolis, Panetolikos – PAOK and AEK – OFI . In these, a goal from a foul was conceded by the goalkeeper of Panaitolikos, and in fact in the last minutes. Who do you say the well-known lawyer means? In detail, Kouya’s statement: “Hey, how stupid are you? There is no serious football prosecutor? As soon as we say thank God, something can be done and we can see a competitive league with 14 teams and with real owners, 2 minutes are enough to dismantle everything. I had to see a goalkeeper empty the goal and sit behind the wall from a game of Akratitos with Kamatero, when I had Aris Petersburg. I hope it changes everything the new owner, who also comes from abroad, without knowing where the city is, whether it is an island or land. I declare it and I am not afraid of anyone. It is the only way to protect my team, because I am very afraid that in the second round and in the playouts we will see again, as in the past, some teams that do not step on the opponent’s area, when they play with specific teams, nor to see what the grass is like, to become Barcelona again. All this I have told my coach and my players that we must wait for them and take them for granted. Unfortunately for these teams their fate is predestined and they will have the fate of Platanias, Corfu, Panthrakikos, Veria and others. .When you lose the moral advantage, nothing saves you, neither Giannakis Papadopoulos, nor Pourliotopoulos που Where Makis and malama! “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, in the

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