Boloni’s plates, Carlito’s smile and a team waking up

What happened inside the field and Panathinaikos got its first victory in the league has an explanation. And in fact… simple. There was a center forward on the field who is a killer. As long as he fights where he has been fighting since Pogiatos left. Carlitos is a local for. And when you put him there, he scores two goals and clears a match. Laszlo Boloni’s players did what their coach told them one day after the match with OFI. “It is not possible to score two goals away from home and not win such a match,” the Romanian told them at the time. Two weeks later they scored two goals away from home and the το normal happened. They won in a home where Panathinaikos spat blood every time they went. Lamia was about to become the clover nightmare. Dioudis was also needed, who proved in Romanic’s penalty that we can no longer treat him like a just good goalkeeper. But like a class goalkeeper. National team level. She kept the team upright in the “upside down” that happened to her. In a game that would go awry out of nowhere, since the “greens” seemed to “have it”. And if it was not for Dioudis to catch the penalty, the psychology could have brought a reversal in the image. Panathinaikos may not have been thrilled with its image and did not reach high standards of performance. But he had a defensive function that allowed him not to be threatened at all in the flow of the match, he had composure in his game, he managed perfectly in favor of the score and he started to put things that we did not see. Goal from set with movement and head on the first crossbar, his extremes started to press a lot in the opponent’s area and Mauricio – Kourbelis show that when they “button” well and have games with each other they will create an excellent duo. The one I hold longer of all is that we saw in the Panathinaikos team again smiles, good atmosphere, jokes, jokes. Boloni is a personality who will give us every Sunday a moment to remember. Last week he had the hug and the conversation with Warda, yesterday he had the attack “you had to put a hat trick” to Carlitos and the… fapa to Vigiafanies. A team that wakes up not only on the field, but also outside it . And this is the most important thing. The psychology, the self-confidence, the smiles, the belief in the possibilities of the whole. This is the only way it will progress. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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