Bologna: “I will not make many changes with Apollo”

Laszlo Boloni spoke about the match against Lamia and the first victory of Panathinaikos, referred to the… gift he made to Lucas Vigiafanies while revealing that he will not make many changes in the match against Apollon. team, while he clarified that the match with Lamia was good. In detail his statements to Nova: On whether there is fatigue: “We have an enemy that is fatigue and we do everything not to have this problem and we started the process after the game with Lamia. In this very short time you can not do many analyzes. This match with Lamia did us good. There is an excellent coach, Emerick Genei, with whom we won the Champions League with Steaua and whenever he said something he was right. I did not forget his words and I believe that they will be important for the next games as well. What he had said is that victory brings victories and that is all we are interested in at the moment. “For the match with Apollon:” We will work hard to be in good shape. I will agree that maybe some changes will have to be made, but I know a little bit about the players and I will continue to put the best possible lineup in the team. Regarding the rotation, I agree and when you see the big teams that have to play in Europe, in the league and then again European games and do not make big changes, then you understand that this will be our case. “For Lucas Vigiafanies: “For me, the training I did with him after the match is more important. He is a kid who loves the ball, he did accelerations without the ball and because he did well I gave him a small gift. But to us, all the players belong to the same team and no player is more important than the team. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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