Bluetongue: Sprays begin in Messinia

After confirmed results of laboratory tests and the finding of cases of bluetongue in the area of ​​P.E. Messinia, a decision was issued to define a disease control zone, with a radius of about 20 kilometers, for which measures to protect livestock will apply. gave an order and from today, Wednesday 11 November, the first sprays of insects – carriers from specialized workshops begin, in breeding areas (courtyards and sheltered) in communities of the Municipality of Kalamata where the cases have occurred. , which are planned to be carried out in about 200 livestock farms that constitute the total facilities of the control zone. Nestor, about t the implementation of preventive measures to prevent the spread of bluetongue and instructions have been given for the installation of insect repellents in susceptible animals (sheep, goats, cattle) as well as the removal from the breeding ground of sources of pollution and stagnant Particular measures provided for in the decision to define the control zone are the inventory of animals, the protection of susceptible to the disease by staying in the stables, prohibitions on the movement of animals during the hours of activity of the insect vectors. follow regular Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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