Bloomberg: Greece offers half a tax to workers from abroad

“Greece wants to use its positive history in the fight against coronavirus to attract foreigners to the country and promises that half of their income will be tax-free,” Bloomberg reported. “Technology now allows us to choose where we live and work,” he said. Adviser to the Prime Minister Alexis Patelis, adding that “Greece can offer tax incentives in addition to the sun.” Greece won international praise for the way it handled the pandemic last spring, according to Bloomberg, adding that the country now has A key lockdown in an effort to stop the second coronavirus outbreak. Keys to recovery Attracting foreigners and reversing the brain drain in the country are considered keys to economic recovery, the agency notes. Bloomberg reports that Greece faces a further 9% decline in GDP in 2020 due to the pandemic, according to the European Commission Unemployment is expected to reach around 18%, well below the 30% at the peak of the crisis, but it remains one of the highest in Europe. Microsoft and Volkswagen have also announced two investment plans in Greece, “but the country needs much more help if it hopes to tackle the combination of the debt crisis plus the pandemic.” Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the country’s credit rating last week, citing high growth potential. Brexit With the new tax incentive plan, the Greek government is also looking at Brexit and the employees or the self-employed who will have to leave Britain. Greece has a tax rate of 44% for revenues over 40,000 euros. maximum in seven years for those employees who want to transfer their tax base to Greece while it will also apply to It is noted, however, that the tax cuts will apply only to new positions created in Greece in 2021. Greece already has a program to attract wealthy investors through a fixed tax rate for those who meet the conditions and are willing to change residence. The country also has a reduced tax rate for foreign retirees. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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