Black Friday: For when do the merchants ask to be transferred to Thessaloniki

The transfer of “Black Friday” on the first Friday when the stores will be open and not on the last Friday of November, online, was requested by the traders of Thessaloniki from the government, as he stated, speaking on the radio station of APE-MPE “Agency 104, 9 FM “, the president of the Commercial Association, Pantelis Filippidis.” I believe that this institution is over for Greece and should be abolished “, he pointed out and added that in order to have balance, we must mention that it should be on the first Friday that we will all open our stores and not online on the last Friday of November, as it happened until today “” It does not work properly “According to Mr. Filippidis,” Black Friday in our country does not work properly, as abroad . Here, the big multinationals managed to degenerate it completely. After all, as you remember, in the first year even the children did not go to school and formed queues outside the shops, but now it is not very interesting. You can not make a 10% reduction and call it Black Friday. “For supermarkets” Asked to comment on the ban on the sale of certain products in supermarkets, which is in force today, he said that “when you force someone to close by government decision, no one else can to sell the same products “and recommended patience to the people to buy them 25 days later” and so the unfair competition will not work “. Operation at Christmas Regarding the creation of an e-commerce platform by the NSS, Mr. Filippidis said that” we were ready to deliver it by November 20, but finally the second wave of the pandemic overtook us and due to the ban it will probably be given next month. “Asked if he thinks the stores will open for Christmas, he replied:” I hope everything goes well , let us all take precautions and manage to reduce the spread of the virus and I hope that what the government says will be done and that we will not go to a new ban Good luck and meet new surprises at Christmas. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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