Black Friday: Discounts and offers are coming until Christmas – The buying public is wary

Black Friday will be “black” for businesses, as, according to a survey by the Consumer Goods Research Institute (IELKA), 73% of consumers do not plan to shop during this period. The official “celebration” may have The second lockdown and the closure of the shops on November 7 mobilized the traders early, with some of them, even before the closure of the businesses, to have In fact, as things turned out due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the fact that the intermediate discounts were a free gift this year, the discount rates are expected to reach even 60% throughout the next period, with spearheads clothing, sports, electrical and electronic. Besides, the companies that operate with e-shop have already shown the intentions The data for Black FridayAs shown in Figure 1, 73% of consumers do not plan to buy this year’s Black Friday. Of the remaining 27%, 18% (about 2/3) intended to make their purchases anyway before being banned from online stores, while 8% intended to make their purchases through physical stores, the Most of them are now closed. This measure corresponds to about 2.3 million consumers who estimate that they will make purchases during this period, which in recent years usually lasts several days. In terms of average spending, it is estimated that on average these 2 million consumers will make purchases worth around € 140 on average. The majority 32% estimate that they will make small purchases, up to 50 €, 27% from 51 to 100 €, while it is noteworthy that 9% will make large purchases over 500 € which means that they postpone significant household needs until The estimated market turnover for the companies based on the specific data amounts to 300 million euros. It should be noted that the market estimates are that the ongoing ban will definitely increase the percentage of sales made through online stores, while the amount of total sales is not expected to be substantially affected. Among the companies that are warming up their engines for next Friday are the chains of electrical items, technology items, toys, clothing, and even supermarkets. and be able to execute orders and deliveries on time. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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