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In a fundamentally democratic society, such as the French, the monstrosity of the 18-year-old teacher’s beheading is not easily explained. Nor is Islamofascism enough to interpret atrocity. Also unexplained is the fact that a few years ago the far-right Scandinavian Breivik murdered the children in the Socialist Party camp. Relatively regulated societies, with a welfare state, with social support structures, are torn apart by heinous crimes which are crowned with an ideological invocation. assimilated cultural, black hole, heterotopia, etc., with mutual accusations of “ethnocentric multiculturalism” and “ethno-populism”. However the phenomenon of a compact and extensive monstrosity exists, persistent and prosperous. Class conflicts, the economic crisis, ghettos, transnational rivalries, etc. They seem fragmented and yet insufficient as explanations. Fascist, criminal oncogenes are aroused, find ideological hosts in various forms (religious, political, ethnic, sports, etc.) and in an inconceivably suitable condition they manifest or explode. Fascism is inherent, produced and drained into various forms of reception. So with an incredible anachronism we have an extensive ideological, cultural, political paradigm. Fascism puts on many clothes and is anchored in many structures. It is, it seems, an active substratum formed and morphologically kinetic. The “clash of civilizations”, the interesting conception of Samuel Huntington, is rather one-sided. It accepts a kind of determinism where the cultural background, largely produced by traditional cultural forms, flows into geopolitics. Supposedly, it would replace the collapsing or shaking territories that formed in the 20th century, were reformed by the two world wars and “consolidated” during the Cold War. divisions and allied divisions that he “constructs” for the sake of interpretive (or political) convenience. I think it undermines the important fact that a complex social and political construction is being inserted, which distorts, redirects and invents the intermediate cultural impulses. The mediation of this grid (institutions, state structure, electoral systems, administrative structure, etc.), of this construction, equates or intersects countries and peoples, in a way it is the real cultural prominence and not the simple tool of cultural realization and power . Mediation is the real and hegemonic cultural structure. The reading of reality, based on religious-cultural territories, is refuted, at least in part. Analysts who treat traditional geopolitical alignments are also refuted. Everyone sees with interpretive vertigo the international and local mobility, the changes of alliances and the redefinitions. There are no traditions and at the same time we are captives of an unbearable tradition. Everything and their opposites are valid. And most importantly, at any moment a monstrous rift appears. The deeper the knife, the steeper, shallower and more anti-functional is its theoretical analysis and forecast. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. the world, in

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