Big overturns in working hours, vacations, and strikes – See the list of changes

Greater flexibility in the working hours of workers, streamlining of use and the cost of overtime, new rules in the organization of strikes, operation of digital hours, delimitation of telework and introduction of the electronic work card along with important changes in trade union law provides for labor law , which was presented yesterday at the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Labor Giannis Vroutsis. In particular, the labor bill, which is given within days in public consultation, provides, inter alia: 1 Under certain conditions, companies will be able to employ employees up to 10 hours per day during maximum, without additional fee, if within the same 6 months they pay the hours with a corresponding reduction of hours or breaks or days off. It is also planned to increase the hours of legal overtime, add companies and jobs to the list that already allows work on Sundays, add January 1 and October 28 to mandatory holidays, abolish the anachronistic distinction of severance pay between employees and craftsmen, institutionalize the notice of dismissal and until then, the employer has the right to demand that the employee not come to work, but of course to be paid.2 Regarding the trade union law and the organization of strikes, sweeping changes are coming. In particular: – Occupying spaces and entrances and exercising psychological or physical violence are prohibited. If they take place, the strike becomes illegal. Those who take part in occupation or violence are criminally committing a heinous act. – The basic operation staff, who must continue to work in case of a strike in the companies whose operation is critical for society as a whole, in the State, in the local authorities and in the NPDD, is defined. to at least 40% .– The inventory in the already legislated General Register becomes a precondition for the exercise of a trade union right.– The General Assembly of trade unions must provide real practical opportunity to participate and vote remotely, electronically, especially for strike decisions, in the warning For a strike, both the demands and the reasons for them should be stated. – If an employer representative fails to do everything necessary to determine the basic staff, it is a criminally heinous act. – The protection limits of the trade unionists for their dismissal are changed. after the end of the term, while the number of board members is reduced protected by the number of members of the organization. According to information: a) If the organization has up to 200 members, 5 members of the administration will be protected. B) If the organization has up to 1,000 members, 7 members will be protected. C) If the organization has more than 1,000 members, 9 will be protected .– The days of unjustified absence of trade unionists from their work are reduced, from the 7 days that are today. According to information, the days are limited to 3 unjustified. 3 Maternity leave is introduced to the father for 14 working days, while an additional 6-month parental leave is provided until the child turns 8 years old for all fathers and those mothers who do not already receive the 6-month maternity protection benefit. From the 6 months, the first 2 are paid by OAED with the minimum legislated salary. Also provided: Permission to care for a helpless parent, child, brother, spouse or partner: 5 working per year. Force majeure leave (for a similar reason): 2 working per year. Facilitation for parents and carers in need (telework, flexible hours). etc.). Special arrangements for parents of twins, triplets, etc. and for single-parent families. Protection of young fathers against dismissal, for 2 months from the birth for the 1st child, 4 for the 2nd and 6 for each subsequent one.4 The digital work card is introduced for the online monitoring of the real working hours of the employees, the fight against undeclared work and unpaid overtime and the facilitation of working hours. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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