Biden, Trump and Turkey

In the aftermath of the US presidential election, let’s look at how the scene is shaped internally and the impact on Greek-Turkish. First, Trump has shown remarkable resilience. It increased its vote by almost 5 million, while the relatively politically outdated Republican Party retained control of the Senate and increased its seats in the House of Representatives. What does this mean; That Trump feels morally and politically legitimate to challenge the outcome, even if his argument is legally sloppy. What will this bring? Intensity of polarization and division, in which the current president invests anyway, while he seems indifferent (temporarily) for a possible transformation of the social crisis into a constitutional / institutional one. With armed groups of his supporters to give us a first taste of their intentions and himself to have irresponsibly and prematurely characterized the elections as rigged and almost invalid. Under other circumstances, the scenario of an underground negotiation between the two parties to ensure a smooth transition would gather serious chances. In particular, not taking into account the judicial and financial “openings” of Trump. Many Republicans, however, will try to mitigate him if things get out of hand. In any case, the US is entering a phase of introversion, possibly even of great intensity (following the pre-existing multilevel crisis), which will hardly end on January 20, when we will have the inauguration of the next president. . “Barbaros” has already returned to the Cypriot EEZ, within Blocks 5 and 6. On November 14, the illegal Turkish NAVTEX for “Oruts Reyes” expires and then Ankara’s intentions will be revealed. Mainly regarding whether Ankara will try to overcome the taboo of the 28th meridian, that is, to enter with a seismic boat in a limited area of ​​Greek sovereign rights, after our recent agreement with Egypt. An additional element pressing the Turkish leadership is the developments in Libya, where Saraj (and Germany) was asked to remain in place in view of the negotiations that will follow the ceasefire. Here, Ankara seems concerned about the possibility of a partial order in Libya, which could, under certain conditions, call into question the Turkish-Libyan pact. Therefore, an invitation from the Ankara-controlled government of Tripoli to conduct some type of investigation within the Turkish-Libyan pact should not be ruled out. Unless Saraj has asked the international community to do the opposite so that tensions do not escalate. If Biden is the next White House resident, given his stance on issues such as the Cyprus issue, rather mutual animosity with Erdogan (without meaning that for the sake of national interests they will not try to find a common denominator) as well as the institutionalization of bilateral contacts (instead of the interpersonal relationship with Trump), Turkey may want to predetermine the framework of relations, Konstantinos Filis is the executive director of IDIS Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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