Betty Davis: The star of classic American cinema

Ruth Elizabeth “Betty” Davis was an American actress who is considered a “sacred monster” of American cinema. She starred in many classic films of the golden age of American cinema, was nominated 11 times for an Oscar and won the 1935 and Jezebel in 1938. She is also known for her films Human Slavery (1934), The Letter (1940), The Little Foxes (1941), The Outbreak of a Soul (1942), All About Eve (1950) and What Happened Baby Jane? (1962) .Her career lasted about sixty years and in 1977 she was honored with a career award by the American Film Institute. She was the first woman to achieve this achievement as well as the first woman to become president of the Academy Awards in 1941 She was usually portrayed as an unpopular heroine, and her technique has been copied by many later actors. The American Film Institute has ranked her second on the list of the 25 greatest stars of all time, according to Davis —— ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO (1940)— ✨⭐️ Nostalgia⭐️✨ (@Dear_Lonely_) October 22, 2020📽️ #BetteDavis and George Brent on set of THE GOLDEN ARROW (1936). #film— Bette Davis Estate (@_BetteDavis) October 20, 2020Bette Davis knitting in between takes on the set of The Bride Came CD, 1941 #womensart— #WOMENSART (@ womensart1) October 24, 2020Bette Davis, 1936— ✨⭐️Nostalgia⭐️✨ (@Dear_Lonely_) October 25, 2020Bette Davis, 1932 – photo by Irving Lippman— Conrad J. Barrington (@cjubarrington) October 17, 2020Bette Davis, c. 1935— Conrad J. Barrington (@cjubarrington) October 24, 2020Bette Davis— ClassicActorsOfHollywood (@ CAOH110291) October 23, 2020Herbert Marshall and Bette Davis —— ostNostalgia⭐️✨ (@Dear_Lonely_) October 22, 2020bette davis portrayed by george hurrell, 1939— best of old hollywood (@oldhllywoods) October 20, 2020Bette Davis 1933— ostNostalgia⭐️✨ (@Dear_Lonely_) October 21, 2020Johnny Carson with guest Bette Davis #ForeverClassic— Classic Movie Hub (@ClassicMovieHub) October 23, 2020 a publicity portrait for Bordertown (1935)— Conrad J. Barrington (@cjubarrington) October 23, 2020Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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