BEA for lockdown: Lockdown threat to the crafts and an explosion of unemployment

New visible danger and confirmation of the fears of small and very small handicrafts and processing companies for closure, after the announcement of the second lockdown, the Chamber of Crafts of Athens “sees”. Where will they promote their products? The President Pavlos Ravanis, in a statement , as he notes, conveys the agony of the craftsman: “Where will the productive enterprises promote their products? As retail closes, craft, production, especially small ones, are doomed to an uncertain wait and trapped between the ability to operate and maintain staff and the actual cessation of cooperation with commercial companies – customers, with whom they are essentially and Inextricably linked. “Support mechanism and not allowance half-measures. by the professional sectors – care, by establishing a mechanism of support, reinforcement, not by bonus logic or half measures. The regulation and postponement of the repayment of debts, to be done in such a depth of time, that will ensure the prevention of accumulation of new burdens in craft enterprises , after the end of the second phase of the crisis. Otherwise, it does not make much sense to exclude secondary production from mandatory suspension with the new lockdown. The branches of handicrafts, of Greek production, must survive in the country the next day as well. Sad record we have hopes for market recovery. “Once again, we point out the most visible danger to all: To record a sad record of closing small and medium-sized businesses, with a parallel increase in unemployment”, the president concluded. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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