Bayern went through Moscow (2-1)

And in the end the Germans win! Lokomotiv pushed Bayern Munich to the ropes, but Flick’s team took the three-pointer (1-2) with a goal by Kimich. The European champions also left Moscow victorious, making it 2/2 in the Champions League groups. In the first match, Atletico Madrid easily prevailed. Only, in the 14th minute, the Bavarians came in front of the score with Leon Goretska. Flick’s team developed nicely, with Pavard stepping on an area and turning from the right. The 25-year-old midfielder grabbed the header and Bayern Munich made it 0-1 in Moscow. This was Gorecka’s second goal in the tournament, as he had found the net in the match against Atletico. Bayern Munich had… camped in the area of ​​the Muscovites, with the crossbar stopping Flick’s players. In the 25th minute, again from the right, Pavard took a sweet cross, with Koman’s projection ending up in the crossbar of Guillermo Marinato. The guests constantly lost opportunities and could not “finish” the match. In 64 ‘Lewandowski left two opponents and won the penalty right on the line from Kulikov, which after using the VAR, was canceled for offside. The Muscovites took courage from the failure of the Bavarians and in the 70th minute, reached the equalizer. Ze Luis went on the counter, made the turn from the right and Mirantsuk with a place on the first crossbar, scored 1-1. Bayern Munich “woke up”, finding the goal of the με escape with Kimich. In the 79th minute, Martinez passed to the 25-year-old, who with a beautiful shot sent the ball into the net of Lokomotiv. The 1-2 did not change until the last whistle of the referee and the Bavarians got a valuable three-pointer. (46 ‘Raikovich), Ignatiev (76’ Zemaletdinov), Smolov (75 ‘Ribcinski), Kryhoviak, Murilo, Ribus, Kulikov (89’ Lisakovich), Ze Luin, Ant.Miranchukma, Pavar, Gorecka (46 ‘Martinez), Tolisso, Miller (46’ Gnabri), Koman (69 ‘Douglas Costa), Lewandowski Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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