Bartzokas: I was shocked by our image in the first ten minutes

In the bad first ten minutes of his team, the coach of Olympiacos, George Bartzokas, stood by his statements, while he also stressed that Shane Larkin played a decisive role in the development of the match. Analytically what the red and white coach said: “Obviously our effort in the second half it was not enough to win such a good team as Efes. They have a lot of experience, they know how and when to attack. If we look at the statistics, their guards were decisive for the final result. I was shocked by our effort in defense in the first ten minutes. We conceded about 30 points. We did not even commit a foul, they started with 8/9 two points and 4/4 three points. Then it was not enough what we did, because we allowed talented players to find confidence. This is the Euroleague, we need to learn from this game and improve. We must forget the result, analyze what happened and improve. Every team is different. Efes is well designed, has the same coach and a solid torso. Larkin did not have good numbers in the first ten minutes, but he was decisive in the end. Misic, Simon, Bobua did a good job and were in control of the match. Efes is one thing and Olympiacos is another. I do not look at budgets, we try to build a team with character. We need to focus on the wounds of the first ten minutes. We had good training all week, with intensity and concentration. It was shocking that we did not commit a foul, we did not touch them. We have to watch the video, ask the players. We did not put our hands on the ball, we were far from the opponents. When a player like Misic has room, you can’t react. We have to act, not react. Rebounds played a role. We made seven blocks, we had steals, but we did not get points from there. These were some pivotal phases. We had better numbers offensively, but even when we were ahead, Efes knew how and where to hit. My thought is that we must have action, not reaction. If you do not do this, then you see these players dominating and that is wrong. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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