Barrales “cleared” for Asteras

Starring Barales, Asteras Tripolis got a great double against AEL for the 4th game of the Super League. Asteras was better throughout the match, with the Argentine striker “taking” Rastavac’s team by the hand and score two goals, giving Arcades three valuable points. AEL reduced with Mouzek, Fernandes “locked” the match. With the sole goal of the first of this year’s victory, AEL entered the field. Grigoriou’s team started the match better and lost a good opportunity with Pinakas. Asteras started to take measures on the field, holding the ball on its feet for a long time, even creating a dangerous moment with Riera. counterattack and almost took the lead, as Torze was four with Papadopoulos, but sent the ball out… What the hosts did not do, the guests did in the 42nd minute… After a precise cross by Kotsiras, Barales opened the score with a header, sending Asteras Tripolis in the locker room with a lead. In the second half, AEL was again the team that started better in the first minutes, threatening with Platellas. The huge opportunity came in the 70th minute, with Papadopoulos, however, performing an excellent operation on the head of the promoted Iliadis. Five minutes later, the final end of the match came Μ Barales took advantage of the impeccable energy of his teammates, scoring his second personal goal , writing 0-2. However, shortly before the delays, Mouzek reduced for the hosts, giving new air to the game. Luis Fernandez, however, had a different point of view and with a goal in the last phase of the game, he scored the final 1-3. ), Milosavljevic (85΄Glynos), Torze (55΄Trujits), Pinakas, Platellas (85΄Zacharakis) ASTERAS TRIPOLIS (Milan Rastavats): Papadopoulos, Kotsiras, Pasalidis, 72, Suarez, Tassouil Crespi (88΄Borja Fernandez), Sito (61΄Tilica), Riera (61΄Louis Fernandez), Barrales (89΄Orosco).

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