Barcelona – Real Madrid: The top clasico

It remains the top derby in the world. Even though in recent years, Barcelona and Real Madrid are in decline. Even if the Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo dipole is broken, with the Portuguese having left the Santiago Bernabeu for three years. The clasico does not have the glamor of the past but its duels continue to occupy not only the fans of both teams but millions of fans around the world. Barcelona and Real Madrid will give another show at the Camp Nou. Both teams come from defeat. In fact, this is the first game between them after 2003 that the two of them did not manage to win before their own meeting. A match that has written its own history in football. Which has emerged as protagonists. Sometimes the expected and sometimes not and presents you people who have stigmatized with their presence the top derby in the world. Lionel Messi Barcelona – Real Madrid 3-3 (10/3/2007) From this list could not the Argentine superstar is missing. Although he has been scoring in a clasico for three years, he has managed to score 26 goals against Real Madrid. When he scored for the first time against the Queen, he was not even 20 years old. In fact, he scored three times. Every time Real took the lead, Barcelona’s response was called Lionel Messi. Pulga’s first hat-trick in clasico for the final 3-3. Real Madrid – Barcelona 2-6 (2/5/2009) In one of the greatest performances that Barcelona has ever given at the Santiago Bernabeu, he had the signature of Lionel Average. Pep Guardiola’s team then passed through the field like air, beating Real Madrid with a deafening 6-2. The Argentine superstar tally was 2 goals and 1 assist to Thierry Henry, with Pulga making one of his best appearances against the Queen in an away game. Real Madrid – Barcelona 2-3 (23/4/2017) It is the last big appearance of Lionel Messi at the Santiago Bernabeu. And one of the best clasico of recent years. Real took the lead with Casimiro, Barcelona reversed the situation with goals from Messi and Rakitic, but Hames equalized at 2-2 in the 86th minute. However, the last word of the clasico was said by the Argentine superstar. In the last phase of the match, Barcelona counterattacked and Pulga sent the ball into the net and then took off his shirt and showed it to the Merengues fans, with the celebration remaining in the history of these matches. Cristiano Ronaldo – Barcelona -2 (21/4/2012) As in the case of Lionel Messi, so Cristiano Ronaldo has written his own story in the clasico. The Portuguese in April 2012 gave the victory to Real inside the Camp Nou and essentially gave it the championship. The hosts had equalized with Sanchez, but Ronaldo’s goal in the 73rd minute gave Real Madrid a 2-1 victory, with CR7 annoying the Blaugrana fans by asking them to calm down. Barcelona – Real Madrid 1-2 (2 / 4/2016) Four years after his first calma in the Camp Nou, Cristiano Ronaldo hit again. Barcelona had preceded with Pique, Real had equalized with Benzema, with the Portuguese, just before the final, to “execute” the hosts and make the final 1-2, making his characteristic move again. Ronaldinho Real Madrid – Barcelona 0-3 (19/11/2005) Before Lionel Messi started writing history with the Barcelona jersey, the Blaugrana had Ronaldinho. The Brazilian magician in 2005 performed at the Santiago Bernabeu, dissolving Real Madrid on his own. Gaucho with two goals thwarted the defense of the Queen, who could not find the antidote to his “magic”. This performance given by Ronnie forced 80,000 Madridians to stand up and applaud his greatness. Andres Iniesta Real Madrid – Barcelona 0-4 (21/12/2015) Real hosted Barcelona, ​​which did not have Lion in its lineup Average. The Blaugrana, however, had no problem passing through the Santiago Bernabeu. With Neymar and Suarez in the role of performer and Andres Iniesta in the role of orchestrator, their then team Luis Enrique prevailed 4-0. The Spanish ace scored one goal and one assist and when a change was made in the 77th minute he was adored by the Queen’s world. Luis Figo Barcelona – Real Madrid 0-0 (24/11/2002) In the summer of that season, Luis Figo took the decision to leave Barcelona and move to Madrid on behalf of Real. Blaugrana fans after the betrayal were preparing the appropriate reception in Portugal. On November 24, Figo returns to the Camp Nou as an opponent in a game that was described as a disgrace to Spanish football. Every time Figo tried to take a corner, a rain of objects fell on his side, culminating in the shooting of a pig’s head from the stands. Raul Barcelona – Real Madrid 2-2 (26/10/1999) Before Cristiano Ron Raul had asked the Barcelona fans to keep quiet. The atmosphere at Camp Nou was “hot”, the stadium was full. Blaugrana were in front of the score with 2-1, however just before the end of the match the emblematic leader of the Queen equalizes and with the finger in front of his mouth asks the Catalans to be silent. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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