Avgenakis: We are implementing the mandate of the Greek people for transparency

The Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, gave an interview on the show “Unmatched” on SKAI. Mr. Avgenakis stressed with meaning that “16 months ago the Greek people elected the government and the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to tidy up the place. there is transparency and order everywhere. We implement this every day, so that the Greek citizen knows where his last euro is going. “And the Undersecretary continued:” We proceeded in sports with this policy from the first moment. For example: – we implemented the HILON program for the evaluation of the federations and their subsidy through objective criteria, with measurable indicators, – we record for the first time the sports facilities that the country has in every corner, state and municipal, through the PELOPAS program – It is characteristic that for the first time an Olympic facility was utilized, that of the indoor of Ano Liossia, which was maintained by the local government – We acquired the ownership of the Olympic Village (belonged to OAED), to use it in various ways for the benefit of the local and not only the society. ”Also, Mr. Avgenakis pointed out: – Regarding the Register of Sports Clubs, we managed to activate it in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Government, in order to have a complete picture of the clubs we have in the country. – When I took over as Deputy Minister of Sports, all I knew was that we have 49 federations. According to these federations, the sports clubs across the country were around 11,000. – After the activation of the platform, which aimed to register the clubs, so that we can, among other things, finance the amateur clubs in such a difficult conjuncture, in the midst of a pandemic, to our surprise we see that a total of 5,334 unions have been pre-registered and of these 4,918 have proceeded to submit the relevant supporting documents, while 3,167 have completed their application to date. of the sports building of the country. We did not even imagine the numbers that would emerge. Such a mess, such disorganization, such disorder. – Our goal is to cure the clubs as many problems as their applications have, that do not meet the minimum criteria of the laws, so that they can operate in their majority legally and neatly. – The sports clubs that have the Special Sports Recognition and are registered in the Register of GGA will be funded, as already announced by the Prime Minister, in the amount of 12 million euros based on three criteria: – number of sports they cultivate – number of legal coaches they employ – number of athletes they have – At the same time, we have already announced that the Registry is linked to the electoral lists of the federations, so that their electorate can emerge from there. – We do not want the unions to be closed under any circumstances. Our goal is for them to be recorded, to be lawful and tidy, so that the last Greek citizen knows where he and his children play sports. We want to strengthen sports, but there should be transparency in the sports building. For the entrance of fans in the stadiums, Mr. Avgenakis reiterated that it will take place when the epidemiological data allow it. News from Greece and the World, at

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