“Athletes will find it difficult to make a living”

The four international athletes of the Men’s volleyball team of Olympiacos, Costas Stivachtis, Dimitris Zisis, Dimitris Rizopoulos and Thodoris Voulkidis, stood in the effects that the new suspension of the Men’s Volleyleague championship will bring. The championship continues “The statement of the leader of Olympiacos, Costas Stivachtis:” We are facing a very difficult period for humanity due to the pandemic that has knocked on our door. The non-negotiable good we must safeguard is our health. But we must not be inactive. We must resist and continue to live by taking all the necessary protection measures. Sport is a very important part of my life and now having the experience of the previous quarantine (interruption-resumption for the sport of volleyball) I can say that the impending cessation in sports will be disastrous in many areas. For example, in the financial sector due to the fact that for most athletes this activity is their main source of income and thus will inevitably make it difficult for them to make a living. In addition, with the constant interruption and resumption of championships, the athlete can not train in the right way and this carries risks for his physical integrity. In conclusion, I consider it right to continue the championship by taking all necessary measures for the safe conduct of the games. Besides, let’s not forget that two months ago we were one of the sports that returned to the stadiums (observing all the health protocols) and completed the championship without any problems “. Zisis:” Financial blow for all athletes “The statement of Dimitris Zisis:” I do not believe that the solution against the spread of COVID is to stop the professional championship of the Men’s Volleyleague. All teams are made up of a specific set of people who I am sure are all responsible and watch our contacts and with weekly tests I believe the situation can be controlled. Also, if the competitive action is suspended, it will cause a financial blow for all athletes, not only direct but also indirect because as we all know the consequences both in the competitive image of an athlete with “stop starting”, and in his own body is negative and do not help in its development and in claiming similar contracts. Let us not forget that in a short time the obligations of the National teams were about to begin, where we are called to qualify for the European Championship, based on the preparation and the pace we have found in the clubs, because the preparation time of each National team is minimal for these matches. . So I hope that our competitive obligations will continue, something that all professional athletes who live from volleyball want. “Rizopoulos:” We will face two problems “The statement of Dimitris Rizopoulos:” We are again facing a difficult and critical condition due to coronavirus. We as athletes want to continue competing, since in the event of the interruption of the championship we will face two problems. One will be the financial and the other that our physical condition will be affected by the lack of sports activity. We are all willing to follow all the Health Protocols and all the instructions so that we can continue to fight normally. In this difficult struggle let us stay united and work as a team with respect and consistency towards the world “. Voulkidis:” Let the State show us the respect we deserve “The statement of Theodore Voulkidis:” I am not an expert on the coronavirus and for this all the previous period I operate on the basis of the instructions of the scientists and the competent bodies. I hope that they will allow us to finish the championship since with will and attention they can be completed without any problems. It is not a solution to be locked in our home for many reasons. Hundreds of athletes and many families make a living from our sport. At the same time, in case of interruption, the course of the National team will be affected, which claims the qualification to the European Championship, since the international athletes will not have a rhythm from the matches with our clubs in the domestic competitions. We expect the State to show us the respect we deserve. I wish health to the whole world and to end this whole situation, as soon as possible. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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