Astronomers have discovered asteroids around Mars that have a similar chemical composition to the Moon

Astronomers in Northern Ireland, led by a Greek, have discovered an asteroid around Mars, which they described as a possible “long lost twin brother” of the Moon. They believe that this asteroid, “1998 VF31”, may have been cut off. It was not ruled out, however, that the asteroid may have split from the “red planet” itself in the distant past. According to the British “Independent”, the asteroid has a similar chemical composition to the Moon. This may be either because it was once part of the Earth or for some other reason. , like its long-term exposure to solar radiation. “The early solar system was very different from what we see today. The space between the newly formed planets was full of debris and collisions were frequent. Large asteroids were constantly hitting the Moon and the planets, “said Christou. The remnant of such a collision may have erupted from the Moon and ended up in the neighborhood of Mars, where it was trapped. from Mars itself “said the Greek scientist of the Diaspora, who is a graduate of the University of Athens (1993), with a doctorate in Astronomy from the Queen Mary University of London (1998). . (Information source: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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