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The facts about the “enormous social significance of idiots in modern life” have been exposed in a unique and unsurpassed way in the homonymous work of Evangelos Lembesis and there is no reason to repeat them here. That in modern society idiots are the majority is clearly proved by our time: the age of the Internet and modern technologies in communication, with which stupidity is rewarded and emancipated. This is now a given in political life. However, stupidity has degrees. Indeed, we idiots are the majority; but we are not all the same idiots, nor are we all incapable of learning. There is variety in stupidity, it is never something single. It is therefore a serious mistake to think that the majority in our society are the “marginal intelligence”, in military terminology (that is, those who, if it appears, are exempted from their military obligations…). I made these thoughts while watching the Parliament at the weekend , because SYRIZA’s decision to proceed with a motion of censure against Staikouras presupposes a firm belief in the bottomless stupidity of the Greek people! In other words, it presupposes that those who made the decision were based on the labor hypothesis that, sixteen months later, the citizens have completely erased from their memory what they experienced under SYRIZANEL governments. It presupposes, in short, that they consider us animals – and I suppose that President Leventis will agree with them… Unbeknownst to him, as usual, Mr. Alekos Flampouraris, the great Flaubert of SYRIZA and mentor of Alexis, also admitted it. In his speech, he called on ND to stop “misinformation with lies” regarding the government actions of SYRIZA, because, he said, “we never claimed that all this is our policy, we never considered it our property”! I admire him… I honestly admire him, because he said it without laughing. For a dress that is empty. is hidden under “Mr. Varoufakis’s dresses”. This expression is well known and very common, however it makes an impression that Sp. Libanos matched it with a man politician – a pleasant impression, I dare say, thanks to the freshness of the image that immediately brings to mind. The event was pointed out by the Speaker of Parliament, who went on to humorously address the issue, proposing that the word “fustanela” be written in the minutes instead of “fustani”. He said it as a joke, I find it very correct, since the skirt and national symbol is also the only skirt that can be worn without misunderstanding by men – at least in the Balkans that have been influenced by Albanian culture. quite a phase difference and since the President was no longer in office, the parliamentary representative of the Varoufakis party, Kriton “do not disturb the whales” Arsenis reacted to the mention of the fustanela. He denounced the President harshly (as much as he could, after all) for “homophobia”. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, but that his confession had been obtained through torture. All this for a joke he could not understand! After all, find children, 2021 is coming and then, judging by the development of the preparations for the celebrations, we will all wear a fustanela… The ghost The constant presence in the discussion on the motion of censure was that of Panagiotis Lafazanis. Few ND speakers failed to mention Panagiotis’ drama. They were like ghosts circulating in Shakespeare’s tragedies and historical works. As a rule, they are justified in the course of the project, but they remain ghosts στε Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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