Approval for the start of the tournaments is requested from the Prime Minister Super League 2 and Football League

The start of the Super League 2 and Football League championships is in the air after the refusal of the infectious disease specialists to hold them immediately. However, the Ministry of Sports does not seem to be negative about the idea of ​​sending the players to the championships. The organizing authorities of the two championships together with the EPO, PSAP and Super League 1 sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Avgenakis, and the GGA, George Mavrotas. The letter states in detail: “Dear Sirs, The most serious and adverse effects of the COVID 19 pandemic – and – in our country, society, work and economy are already known. The effects of all the above developments in the field of Greek football are also known. There is absolutely no doubt about the titanic effort of the State and all the institutional bodies to face multiple and intractable problems. Unfortunately, to date it has not been possible. start of the SUPER LEAGUE 2 and FOOTBALL LEAGUE championships. The above development has occupied and still concerns all the institutional football bodies and as it is reasonably understood, it puts, with suffocating time margins, in obvious danger the survival of the PAE participating in the above Championships, their employees and their families but also hundreds of professionals. Given our sensitivity to the need to protect public health and human life, the care of SUPER LEAGUE 2 PAE has been formed and communicated to ensure compliance with the health protocol already observed by SUPER LEAGUE. Taking into account the operation of all European football leagues, the immediate resumption of the SUPER LEAGUE 2 and FOOTBALL LEAGUE leagues, taking into account all of the above and the existing comparative data of the spread of the virus in the professional football environment, we have the possible safe view that, as is already the case The SUPER LEAGUE championship will not be an additional aggravating circumstance. Please also take seriously the specificity of the professional football environment and the special rhythms and limited times with which it operates. This situation differentiates it from other professional environments and sets limited handling options. After all the above, we consider it necessary to restart the SUPER LEAGUE 2 and FOOTBALL LEAGUE championships and please understand the above necessities, Please grant the relevant approval immediately. Sincerely… ». Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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