Apotheosis for the charitable action of Nottingham by Vangelis Marinakis

When Vangelis Marinakis took over Nottingham Forest in 2017, in addition to bringing the team back to the Premier League, he set as a goal the direct connection of the historic club with the local community. In practice, helping in any way possible people in need. Something that is not only easy as it requires a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of organization to get it done effectively. During the Marinaki era, however, Nottingham has managed to make its leader’s vision a reality. Having developed intense philanthropic work with great initiatives and actions that have not only gone unnoticed by the British media. It is not uncommon for Nottingham to be in the spotlight for what it does outside the four lines of the pitch and which is far more important than anything else, going beyond purely athletic contexts. As befits any club of this size. Top media such as the “BBC” had promoted and praised Nottingham and Vangelis Marinakis himself for their initiative with the 3000 portions of food they had distributed to homeless and needy people in the area. Something that of course did not happen only once but the actions for the benefit of the people in need are continuous and uninterrupted, something that was emphasized in her statements by the head of fundraising and communication of the charity “Framework_HA”, Claire Eden, expressing gratitude to Nottingham for her offer and contribution. “We are grateful to Nottingham for taking part in this challenge. “Ever since the owner Vangelis Marinakis bought the team, we have had tremendous support and there is a real desire to make a difference throughout the city,” he says, adding: “An employee at the As part of the “Street Framework” will walk an average of 10 miles per shift. We challenge the public of the city to follow in the footsteps of the street approach teams, making as much distance as anyone can, in whatever way they choose and securing sponsorship from friends, family and anyone else, to raise vital funds that will help make them no longer exist. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to make their exercise count in duplicate by raising funds to support our winter call for the prevention of the homeless and migrants and their resettlement in accommodation. Nottingham encourages participate in this month’s challenge to help raise money to support the Framework project to end homelessness. Framework has created a top fundraiser for both individuals and groups, with trophies going to the top fundraisers. People are asked to raise at least £ 150 and a free t-shirt goes to everyone when they raise the first £ 50. In fact, medals will be awarded to all those who participate as they reach different stages towards their individual goal. The November challenge is part of the charity’s winter appeal, “Homeless”, to change and save lives. no one how important is Nottingham’s help to a problem that plagues every society but unfortunately does not cease to exist. And in times like the current one where the pandemic makes things even more difficult, especially for people who are deprived of even the basic goods which for most are taken for granted. But thanks to the offer and sensitivity of Vangelis Marinakis, something he has shown here and years, with its actions in Greece through Olympiakos and not only, the Nottingham society can hope for a better tomorrow. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World , in the

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