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There is no greater indication that one does not think as a fighter but as a simple dead end, than to proceed to an act that will not only be exploited by the opponent, but will literally party on its occasion. At a time when the government has a problem with the youth, which treats it as a “dangerous category”, which brings more and more authoritarian measures, some go and treat a rector with such cruelty and such humiliation that the government can invoke it to put MAT permanently in the Universities Even worse at a time when other young people are really facing authoritarianism, where we have seen kids being held in the Security and then going to the Prosecutor, there is no greater stupidity than going to do something that will then be an argument for even greater authoritarianism. to make it even clearer: with Luben right on the rails and wanting to go back to 1949 (and some in 196 7) to avenge the left and the movements and with the neoliberals considering that the strike and the demonstration are historical anachronisms, if you have a penny of mind, you do not do things that just offer the pretext. And you certainly can not do that by invoking more correctly: you do not have the right to equate squatting with cruelty. Because if there is solidarity in squatting it was because they had nothing to do with caprice and cruelty. as places of culture. What does all this have to do with the attempt to humiliate a person? The left, anarchy, the struggle have nothing to do with humiliation and humiliating people. Because whoever does this does not do it to “send a message” He does it to show that he can have power over a man. To show that he can humiliate him. To show that he can make him do that. Only we all know very well what ideology it refers to… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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