And after the second lockdown what will happen?

Everyone has acquired a know-how in their life and obviously – as a professor of another Science – I have neither the intention nor the ability to challenge the epidemiological data presented by the infectious disease specialists, in order to impose a second “existential quarantine” on Greek society. However, my concern is the following: When this lockdown ends on November 30, then what will happen? It is certain, for example, that some sections of the youth (so as not to make imperfect generalizations) are imbued with the ideology of carpe diem (: let us eat, let us drink, tomorrow we die). What does this mean in simple words? It means that they have “deadly parties” on top of each other, they do not follow the rules of “social distancing”, they do not wear masks, etc. And this is a basic size, due to which Thessaloniki from a “model city” in the beginning October – in terms of fighting the virus – became very quickly… “City of Ghosts” (“Remember to Mark Mark Masauer), with many cases and intense viral load! So maybe you should, after the end and the second “quarantine” on November 30, to maintain some (permanent) restrictive measures, such as a curfew from 9 or 10 pm to 6 am? In order to limit at least some certain outbreaks of the virus (until otherwise an effective vaccine); otherwise I am afraid that we will spend three happy Christmas weeks and after a while the nightmare will return again! And then the imposition of a third (catastrophic) lockdown will bring “the economic death “of many Greeks, since many businesses will close, unemployment will rise sharply, the social marginalization of many people will intensify and everything else imaginable! Consequently to maintain the feeling of a” tragic optimism “- as he said Uberto Eco – and in order not to lose our sacrifices from the second lockdow, I think that the Prime Minister needs to weigh all this data very seriously. And he has to do it because – in my opinion – he already has a serious share responsibility, since some measures (such as the traffic ban), if they had been taken earlier, we would not have reached the result we have reached..Unfortunately! PS The parties that are currently criticizing the Prime Minister need, however, to say honestly to the Greek citizens what exactly measures did the government not take – to prevent the spread of the virus – and we were led to the bad result of the second “quarantine”! But I am afraid that it will not do, because a similar proposal such as the traffic ban I proposed above, has “electoral costs”! Kalfelis Grigoris – Professor at the Law School of AUTh – Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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