An experimental fusion reactor has been plugged into Britain

Britain has launched an upgraded, experimental nuclear fusion reactor, which promises to reduce the volume and cost of plants that will one day produce inexhaustible, clean energy. Today’s nuclear power plants rely on fission reactions, in which heavy elements Uranium-235 decomposes into lighter elements while releasing energy. Fusion reactors essentially follow the opposite process, in which two light elements (hydrogen isotopes) combine to form a heavier element (helium). to produce more energy than it consumes. Large amounts of energy are required to maintain hydrogen in the form of plasma (ionized gas) at temperatures higher than even the Sun’s core, which also produces hydrogen fusion energy. TokamakThe new British experimental system, called Mast Upgrade, developed over the last seven years in Kalam, Oxfordshire at a cost of 55 million pounds. The goal is to test a new design called “spherical tokamak”. Experimental tokamak reactors are donut-shaped and use strong magnetic fields to hold the plasma inside without the superheated gas coming into contact with the reactor walls. Hydrogen is usually heated by microwaves and particles of particles. In the case of Must Upgrade, the central hole of the donut has shrunk as much as possible and the reactor looks more like an apple from which the core has been removed. The inside of the spherical tokamak. The walls would melt if they came in contact with the superheated plasma (John Lawrence). The system designers hope that the spherical shape will increase the plasma stability while simplifying the design and therefore reducing costs. The first experimental reactor of its kind in Britain, called the Mast, was put into operation in 1999, but has now been upgraded with new heat pumping technologies and other improvements. where a second experimental system, called the Jet, is based, based on a conventional donut-shaped tokamak. Even if ITER proves successful, the new British experiment could offer significant improvements. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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