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In the aftermath of the American elections and their importance to the planetary village, some thoughts about America so far away. What we do not know and what we lost. What we read a little European or even Greek and under the pressure or obligation of our social networks. Something we underestimate: Trump reminds the average American of the forgotten american dream. Well-known businessman, after all, with many weddings, shows, books on recipes for success, towers, cottages, secularism. An era of social mobility that was the great and comparative advantage of the United States as a country of opportunity. He himself, since the 2016 battle against Hillary Clinton, played this rhetoric. Because the so-called MAGA (Make America Great Again), intelligent and targeted, referred there. The strong America for Trump and Bannon is the economically strong America and the new middle class, not the bonuses. At least that’s what they said. Although the economy in his hands did not go badly and not accidentally in his last two debates with Biden, he leaned in this field, precisely because he considered it to be what favors him. and minorities. But it is precisely Trump’s narrative, coherent and national, that does not prioritize identities but the incorporation into a quality, that of the proud American. We miss, however, many immigrants in the US do not want to remember identities and minority differences but simply seek to evolve and a new identity, that of the American. Even the great anti-racist, anti-authoritarian movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) which had the His contribution was probably overstated in the eyes of European radicals. And some conservative Americans saw behind it a risk of destabilization and conflict at a time when they wanted normalcy, work and peace. The trampolines played with the bobblehead of Socialism and not also by chance. And now? Did we get rid of trampling? Was it a temporary communication phenomenon based on the anti-democratic and anti-elitist policy of populism? Or a social phenomenon, with roots and implications? Institutional conservatism of the United States through the judiciary is one aspect of Trumpism. The other is that a social alliance that brought him to the White House in 2016 did not disappear. And this can simply be thought of as a network of conspiracy theorists (Pizza Gate, etc.) or part of the far-right America of the WASP, the Ku Klux Klan or the Proud Boys and the alt-right movement. But it is also the deep working class of whites who want and dream of a halt to deindustrialisation, are proud of their class (not as Marx would obviously like) and do not pay a penny for identities and multiculturalism. And as it turned out, they are all a bit influenced by the calls and messages of Hollywood stars (many of them supported the Democrats). And how can they be affected when great actors or artists go home by helicopter and themselves by bus and masked, stacked? These are data that are simple for the USA or self-evident, but also that usually escape from our readings here. Even the relationship of our country with the USA. How much better it will be now in relation to Erdogan and his challenges. A divided America – with Trump’s responsibility obviously – and a world that has changed to a multipolar one will not save the lot of challenges. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in the

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