“Almost adults”: New series on MEGA with the signature of Myrto Kondova

A modern television of cinematic requirements, fast, atmospheric and juicy that speaks as we speak, laughs as we laugh, anguish as we anguish and lives it as we live it, suggests Myrto Kontova with her new series “Almost Adults” coming to MEGA in November. Ten years after her last TV work, the creator who brought the hype of the city streets to the small screen, writes again about the Greeks and what concerns them in the first years of returning to… after – normalcy. With a tight comic plot, cinematic shooting, Unexpected casting and with a core as always in human relationships, the “Almost Adult” universe is so hilarious and moving that you want to dive in too. A carabiner and funny adventure with inexhaustible suspense and mystery, a story of cohabitation and friendship, for today’s people in Athens 2020, will be the viewers’ favorite date with modern Greek fiction. This series has it all: funny moments, tenderness, love, music – even kidnappings. The beloved Giannis Stankoglou (Apostolis) in a role different from what we are used to, the romantically eccentric Makis Papadimitriou (Thomas), the only Theodora Tzimou (Nicole) who, for the first time in her career, stars in a comedic role and the talented George Papageorgiou (Alexis), are the “Almost Adults” and are coming to MEGA in November. The four protagonists share their daily stories of love and life, against the backdrop of a society that changes, transforms and gives daily tests of survival. The base of the four heroes becomes an old two-story house with a garden and terrace in the city. In the post-life style era, in the neighborhood with the souvlaki restaurants, the post-modern groceries and the all day cafes, they are looking for something from the old world that they already know well, having survived the Greek crisis, the memoranda, the anti-smoking law, unemployment, coronavirus and quarantine. The Greek’s mood clashes with the European ́ model of life with protagonists “Almost Adults” trying to enjoy their daily lives. The bet: is it easy to stand up to what happens to them from now on? SIGNATURE oF MYRTOS Kondovo COMING iN NOVEMBER iN MEGA # SxedonEnhlikes # neoprogrammaepitelousSYNTELESTES: Script & Direction: Myrto KontovaSkinothesia Nikos LabotDiefthynsi Production: George Muscovite & Achilles XenosEktelesi Production: FOSS PRODUCTIONSAkolouthiste it in Google News and learn first all eidiseisDeite all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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