Allowance of 800 euros: The platform for November suspense declarations opened – Detailed instructions

The “Ergani” information system was opened late on the afternoon of Sunday 15 November for the applications for the suspension of employment contracts for the month of November for the allowance of 800 euros. The employers of the closed companies until November 7 and the employers of the affected companies until December 7. The payments of the special purpose compensation of 800 euros will be made for the employees who closed the company by state order on November 27, while for those who have been affected by KAD. on December 11. Employees are required to submit responsible statements to the platform only if their employment contract is suspended for the first time, regardless of the employer. That is, if an employee was suspended in April and now works for another employer, he or she does not need to reapply for the new November suspension. Especially for November, the special purpose compensation for employees who will be suspended will be calculated. in proportion to the calendar days of the suspension on the amount of 800 euros, instead of 534 euros. The measure covers all employees who have been hired until November 4. The special purpose compensation will be calculated proportionally based on the calendar (and not working) days of the suspension and with a reference amount of 26.66 euros per calendar day of suspension. Detailed instructions The Ministry of Labor issued detailed instructions for completing the November suspension declarations that will follow the dates of the local or national lockdown. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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