Allowance of 800 euros: The platform for declarations opens on Sunday

Tomorrow, Sunday, the electronic platform of the “ERGANI” system is expected to open, in order for the beneficiaries – employees who will be suspended for the month of November to receive the allowance of 800 euros. It is noted that compensation payments from 587 to 800 euros will from November 27 to the end of December. In detail, the companies affected by the coronavirus (based on KAD) will submit responsible declarations for the suspension of employment contracts of their employees from Sunday 15 November until Monday 7 December. During this period Proper repetition of responsible statements will be allowed. For their part, employees who are suspended for the first time, will submit their responsible statements, during the same period (15/11 to 7/12), in order to receive the special compensation due to them. The allowance 800 euros Those who are declared suspended for the entire month of November will receive the full payment The amount of the special compensation, ie 800 euros, in the holidays from 21 to 31 December. On the contrary, those who are suspended for part of the month of November will receive 26.66 euros per calendar day of suspension. Therefore, employees in Attica companies who close with from Saturday 7 November will receive: • 640 euros from the state for 24 days of suspension and • salary ratio from the employer for the first 6 days (5 working days 2 – Friday 6 November). Respectively, employees in companies in Thessaloniki closed by state order from Tuesday 3 November, will receive for November: • 746.5 euros from the state for 28 days of suspension and • salary ratio from the employer for Monday 2 November. Respectively, those employees from affected companies declare suspended for 15 days in November will receive 400 euros, while those declared suspended for 20 days will receive 533.2 euros and so on. November suspensions with special compensation of 800 euros for strictly employees who have been hired until 4 November. Affected employers can suspend part or even 100% of their employees. The state also covers 100% of the insurance contributions of the employees in the amount of their nominal salary. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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