Allowance 534 euros: On Thursday 29 the payment of the special compensation

Next Thursday, the payment of the allowance of 534 euros is expected, as well as the subsidy of the salary for the “Co-Work” mechanism to 158,364 eligible employees. The allowance will be paid to employees of tourism, food, transport, culture, sports and other sectors. The expenditure of 68.7 million euros concerns: suspensions of employment contracts of employees in September, in order to pay special purpose compensation of 58 million euros to the beneficiaries, the total of which amounts to employees included in the “Cooperation” Mechanism for September in order to pay the short-term work financial aid of € 10.6 million to the beneficiaries, the total of which amounts to 41,504. Allowance of 534 euros and in October. The applications will start in early November. suspensions for October, as explicitly stated in the new JMC adopted by the Official Gazette and defines the framework for contract suspensions The suspensions of October that will be declared cumulatively in November are accessed by companies from 72 KAD, while it is emphasized that in suspension can be declared for October only employees who have been hired until September 15. The list of affected KAD for in October remains the same as the corresponding list of August – September and includes businesses (hotels, accommodation), food, sports, culture, transport and others belonging to affected KAD, such as construction of fur items, etc. The extension of the measure of suspensions for November but also for December has already been announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Giannis Vroutsis, with the result that the measure will reach at least until the end of 2020. Of course, depending on the course of the pandemic for employees and companies, such as suspensions and the “Cooperation” mechanism to enter 2021. Go to Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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