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No one complaining !! The publication of the list of FIFA referees proposed by KED / EPO for the year 2021 confirmed in the best way that no “good” in this football is lost! For everyone there is a guardian angel (according to Giannakis) who thinks about them and takes care of their rehabilitation, even when, due to age, it becomes difficult. A big winner of the new list of proposed FIFA referees is Diamantopoulos, who succeeded at the last minute to secure his stay, while it is well known that Mr. Clattenberg (that is, the technical advisers of the Pereira regime) do not even want to listen to him. Arguments to the English head of KED that “he is a good boy, only two or three bad days happened to him, but he will recover and will be, as before, completely institutional”. Manouchos, as the “titanic” Vassilios Fotias played for the position of Kominis without an opponent, with the basic credentials of his “international level” performance in the famous ag NPS Volos – Olympiakos in last year’s championship. We remind you that this is the match after the end of which even the FIFA representative in the EPO. Hubel was forced, in order to manage his disgust with the performance of Fire, to issue a statement and to assure about the comedic performance of this referee and the need to have a direct impact on what his eyes saw. Fire’s candidacy for the position of Kominis in the list of proposed referees FIFA and the retention of Diamantopoulos in him had another important effect: they “forced” Mr. Clattenberg to accept the suggestion made to him to form a new table for video match official referees (for VAR referees that is) in which Diamantopoulos and Tzilos did not fit and Evangelou, Manouchos and Gortsilas found a door and punched it. Diamantopoulos did not fit in this painting either, a development that is not at all logical, as apart from Mr. Klatenberg it does not seem to happen nor the “Rector” of the international referees of Mr. Sidiropoulos. In this amazing alisverisi that evolved the result is one and important tiko: no one complains, everyone got something, so everyone is ready and active again and when they need to prove it they will be willing to defend the consolidation with their blood, because without it there is neither a whistle nor a table of internationals. The presence of Mr. Mark Clattenberg in the position of head (we say now and no m @ l @ ki @ let the time pass !!) of the Greek arbitration is already a lost case. Andrea (his grace is great) Meindana from the heroic EPS Achaia of the strange traveler Mr. Daniel is considered something logical, regardless of whether he may not even know his face, let alone his skills as an assistant referee, to suggest him to Mr. Meindanas, however, was included in the relevant list, is proposed as an international assistant referee and the Greek arbitration can sleep peacefully for its worthy talents that will glorify her at the end. Why Mr. Clattenberg is charged with these choices and what he expects from the international presence of referees and assistant referees is not clear in all its dimensions. Logically, he expects nothing more than what he has received so far and is charged with the tragic choices, as as a consequence of his initial colossal mistake of accepting without any objection Pereira’s paintings to secure his chair and his huge salary. K,. Clattenberg, nor to create his logics, for every reluctant person, worries. Besides, Mr. Clattenberg has already discovered the solution “for all diseases and all diseases”. When reality does not agree with him, alas in reality. Eliminates it and calms it down from criticism and attacks. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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