Alafouzos: My involvement in Panathinaikos was an accident

Giannis Alafouzos described his involvement with Panathinaikos as an accident. The shipowner spoke to a well-known podcast abroad and indirectly claimed that he did not choose to get involved in Greek football. for… the improvement of the situation in the last three years. In detail the statements of Giannis Alafouzos in the pod cast in Christopher Vonheim: What worries you the most in your life? To be the owner of Panathinaikos or to deal with your shipping business, which is family-owned? “Of course, having Panathinaikos. Unfortunately. My involvement in Panathinaikos was an accident. Dealing with shipping, no. I chose my job. ”Because there are many who love football, can you explain your statement that you would leave Panathinaikos, because the problems were so deep that you could not fix them? Although you tried, you did not succeed. “In the last 2-3 years, things are getting better. But in the last 15-20 years there has been a lot of corruption in Greek football. The stadiums were crowded in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but in the last decade the stadiums are empty, because no one trusts the results. The referees were bad etc. In the last three years a great effort has been made by everyone and everything has improved. Fortunately, football has become more manageable in Greece. ”To clarify, do you mean the betting industry? That people bet on games? First of all was the participation in the Champions League. For example on television, the 3-4 big Greek teams earn from 5 to 10 million euros a year, depending on their position. Participation in the Champions League groups brings in 30 million euros and more, ticket winnings, added value to the players you sell. I think some people tried to win the league every year to make money. This has happened and these teams were much more competitive than the others. That was the problem. A decade ago, the great economic crisis broke out in Greece, when this caused a further reduction in advertising revenues, sponsors. This situation has greatly affected football. “If I understood correctly, you were running at 100 meters. What was your best performance? ”I was not that fast. I had a better time of 10.9 seconds. “Is running still your hobby or do you prefer football?” I keep running to be in good shape, but not over long distances anymore. It is also a matter of age, I have no choice. Running is my companion when I experience stressful situations. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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