Aid 2.8 billion in one year in the rural economy

Interview with Angelos Skordas The president of the Organization, Grigoris Varras, gives an account of his tenure so far at the helm of OPEKEPE through “NEON”. Among other things, he talks about the payment of significant aid to more than 500,000 farmers, the challenge of the coronavirus to complete the collection of relevant applications, the tidying up of pastures, while responding to the opposition’s accusations of unworthiness in staff crises and announcing prosecutions for Tell us a few words about the Agency, its responsibilities and its main operational objective. OPEKEPE is the Hellenic Agency for the Payment of Community Aid to Agriculture with autonomous administration under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the Agency. of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and payments of 2.7 billion euros per year to the 700,000 eligible farmers and companies, playing an important role in the development effort of the country. Give us a brief account of the ten-month term of your administration. : Cat disbursement of aid over 2.8 billion euros from December 2019Completion of the project of collecting the 653,000 applications of 2020 safely in the midst of a pandemicConducting staff crises with merit-based criteria, with the previous ones being done in November 2011 collected in time, how is the payment of farmers for the new year evolving? The amounts are already on Wednesday 21 October in the accounts of producers. This was because at the beginning of October we had completed a trial payment internally, which went extremely well, and we completed the payment just five days after the start of the agricultural financial year, which starts on 16 October. This is, I think, important for the rural economy and the 539,609 farmers who received the amount of 696,596,038.36 euros. What difficulties did you face in preparing it? We see that this year’s payment is better than last year and the Agency manages to respond with enviable adequacy in a particular year, at the beginning of which he had been accused by certain circles of influence (even in the corridors of the Ministry of Regional Development) that with the policy he follows he will not be able to collect the applications of then he will pay them with great precariousness. I believe that these circles are involved in one way or another in the “hunt” for Community funds through the usurpation of public or superficially owned pastures. Since you mention the handling of the pastures and data of some relevant recent complaints on the front pages and questioning of KINAL, can you further develop this issue for us? What have you found? The pastures in our country perform a separate natural productive resource that exceeds 25 million acres, based on the production of PDO Greek feta. Due to various problems with the EU, the pastures that were finally used through the CAP were reduced to 14.7 million acres in 2019. However, four events from February to July change this situation, namely: Judgments of the European Court in February and May 2020 that justify our country with the return of 460 million imputations. This issue also falls within my knowledge as a teacher, OPEKEPE is working according to an action plan to achieve the increase by 9.6 million acres of pasture areas that will be eligible and available to farmers immediately and with the implementation of the new CAP for young farmers and for distribution of national stock to productive livestock Therefore, there is a direct correlation with the distribution of the National Reserve. Do I understand that you intend to move on to another distribution logic? Besides, the issue was raised with questions in Parliament by KINAL. It is not possible to distribute National Reserve to skilled applicants who do not engage in any agricultural activity and simply declare themselves owners or tenants of private pastures with land in good agricultural condition, without even animals. We end with the opacity in the distribution of the stock that was clearly used in some cases for voting reasons. We also end with the Technical Solution whose misuse is the source of the problem, ultimately linked to aspects of corruption. What does the major opposition of SYRIZA say about this? The former minister Mr. Arachovitis constantly complains being very active, while he leaves tips for unworthiness in the personnel crises. The major opposition throws the ball on the podium. From 2015 to 2019, increased or not increased the area of ​​eligible pastures distributed to breeders, gave or did not give national stock to breeders without livestock, checked or not this whole private pasture industry, investigated or not relevant complaints which concerned her, she had or did not have interlocutors those who moved the threads. The former minister has a little patience and will soon be called to answer for everything he inadvertently or voluntarily supported. As for the peaks for the crises, the employees of the Organization answered themselves through their Association. Therefore, checks everywhere and afterwards – according to your findings and assessments – is it probably time for the prosecutor? The first case was sent on Friday, October 23, after inspections. From our side, everything is in the light. You will soon see the monsters created by the previous government. Does the ministry (and the AAT minister himself) support you in this confrontation? What is your relationship? Of course, my relationship is excellent, as there is close cooperation and the goals are common to serve farmers, regardless of the normal individual approach, as in the case of the announcement of the work of the Technical Consultant of OPEKEPE. There is a particular concern and sensitivity on the part of the minister in relation to the issue, since the current CC badly (with the main responsibility of previous administrations and their political leaders) in recent years had acquired a “strategy”, inappropriate, influence on the becoming of OPEKEPE and ΥπΑΑΤ. Despite the timely preparation and completion of the public consultation of the issue of the announcement of this project from July 2, three valuable and critical months have been lost for no reason, which were calculated in order to complete the bidding process smoothly. micropolitics and parallel systems that instrumentalize OPEKEPE? The Organization regains its dominance. Those who realize the new reality, may manage to remain partners, otherwise they will leave with a click. I am not afraid of efforts that target me, whether they go from top to bottom or from bottom to top. Let them go and protest non-cooperation wherever they want. The instrumentation of OPEKEPE is a thing of the past. OPEKEPE will contribute to rural development in a modern way. This is my ambition. PRINTED PUBLICATION NEWS Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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