Ahtsioglou – Haritsis: Fictitious 7.9 billion euros of economic support in the pandemic

Attempts “to present a completely fictitious picture in relation to the support that the government provided, in the midst of a pandemic, to the real economy”, attribute to the Ministers of Finance and Development, Efi Ahtsioglou and Alexis Haritsis with their joint statement. The myth of 24 is dispelled The heads of the Finance and Development sectors of SYRIZA state in particular that in their announcement today the ministers “add up the repayable advance loans, the special purpose compensation, the public guarantees and the amounts of bank loans, that is, to show dissimilar data, 7.9 billion as alleged state aid to the economy “. They comment that at the same time, in this way, they themselves disprove “the myth of the alleged 24 billion of Mr. Mitsotakis”. Efi Ahtsioglou and Alexis Haritsis state that the co-responsible ministers in their statement “hide that: -The state guarantees is 1/3 of the amount of the loans they report as TEPIX II and Guarantee Fund. In fact, very few companies, only 17,863, received loans through them, ie only 2.5% of the total. their liquidity in 2020 has increased by 56 billion euros. Of these, only 10 and 5 have been given to the real economy in five very large business groups.-The repayable advance is a loan, which the companies will repay and burden their debt, as ND rejected the proposal of SYRIZA-PS for direct irreversible reinforcement of the affected small and medium enterprises.-They created suffocation conditions in small enterprises with the lack of liquidity and at the same time brought a law that will bankrupt 80% of the enterprises that, due to the choices of the government, found themselves in debt. “Guarantee and liquidity supply do not add up, they are elements that the whole of Europe counts separately, except for the financial staff of ND”. It adds apples with oranges. After that, the two heads of SYRIZA comment that the government adds “apples with oranges” to cultivate impressions and hide the fact that neither she nor the banks support the real economy. ” “The landscaping strategy is a farce and brutally offends workers, professionals and small and medium-sized businesses who are now experiencing an extremely harsh reality,” they added. Source AMPAFollow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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