Ahtsioglou for lockdown: Staikoura measures cause a social impasse

“At a time when the criminal responsibilities of the government in managing the pandemic lead it to impose a new lockdown in the country, it itself comes to announce as allegedly new the repetition of measures that have caused economic and social impasse,” said SYRIZA Finance Minister Efi. Ahtsioglou. Not even now strengthening the public health system “Once again we did not hear a word, not even now, for the financial strengthening of the public health system”, commented Efi Ahtsioglou regarding the announcements of the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras. once again we heard the government announce a repayable advance instead of a direct subsidy to small and medium-sized enterprises that have been irreparably affected and forced to close. Once again we heard about unemployment subsidies instead of preserving jobs, employment relationships and full coverage of workers’ wages businesses that close under the responsibility of the government once upon a time we did not hear of any measures to help households that saw their incomes shrink dramatically. “Once again, we have not heard of any measure of income support for professionals”, stressed Ms. Ahtsioglu. Political choice “These measures that the government provocatively characterizes as” timely “,” effective “and” socially just “, are the same measures that have already led, before the new lockdown, to 130,000 young unemployed, to 12% of employees with a salary below 200 euros, to the reduction by 4 billion of household income (-12%), to one in three companies ready to close “, the department head underlined Of SYRIZA and added: “These same measures that have already led to the social impasse, she repeats them now without elementary reflection, without taking into account the damage already caused by her choices or even the new lockdown that she announces E. Ahtsioglou characterizes the government as a “challenge” “to show the additional 8.8 euros per day for some and only for a month, as the great benefit to the citizens”, “the moment it has It tells hundreds of thousands of working-class families to live on 534 euros a month and many to live without them for months, at a time when it has already reduced the Christmas gift by its own decision. “” It is a challenge for people who are called to survive without “help the government advertise the lump-sum benefit for just 1 in 7 non-subsidized unemployed, as significant aid,” he said. “The government insists on not listening to anyone. It is not the power of inertia. It is her political decision. And that is why its responsibility is even greater for the pandemic, economic, social crisis that shakes the country “. Neoliberal incompetents The 2nd lockdown bears the signature of Mitsotakis, said the secretary of the SYRIZA Central Committee Olga Gerovasilis, speaking to Ska the government as a “government of responsibility… of others!” The 2nd lockdown is an absolute confession of failure and collapse of the executive state of the “excellent”. Due to the criminal responsibilities of the government and personally of Mr. Mitsotakis, the suggestions of the scientists who have been ringing the bell for a long time were not listened to. “Dressed in the role of Moses, he estimated that he could ignore them, leading the country, the citizens, the economy to chaos,” said Ms. Gerovasili. “Today, the only protection of our fellow citizens is their individual responsibility to a government of neoliberal incompetents.” of the SYRIZA Central Committee and added: “I want to tell our fellow citizens that they must be careful! Only their individual responsibility can protect them from a government which, by ideological choice, has despised the good of public health by abandoning health workers to fight for themselves. And against a government which, due to managerial incompetence, did not properly deal with the transmission of cases to gathering places, such as the means of transport and schools! ” Olga Gerovasili pointed out. The government of the responsibility of others also noted that “at this moment we are at the mercy of the corona virus! This is the reality for anyone who wants to see it. You know, of course, that provincial hospitals without infrastructure, without specialization and lack of staff are called upon to treat covid cases. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish good luck to all my fellow doctors and health workers who are struggling in extremely adverse conditions. concluded: “This government is the government of the responsibility of others! And all its ministers are co-responsible in their respective part, as of course my current interlocutor Mr. Theocharis is responsible for the strange opening of tourism and the lack of protection for professionals and workers in the industry. The most worrying and extremely dangerous is that this government is still sitting on its pink bubble and admiring itself. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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