Agriculture: Corrections of obvious errors for the Single Aid

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the implementation of Administrative Acts 2020 will be launched. The requests for administrative acts, for the year 2020, are registered only electronically. The farmers who, for any reason, wish to change the details of their applications, in the context of correction of obvious submit the changes of specific fields of the final EAE 2020 either through the Declaration Submission Centers (K.Y.D.) that were originally addressed for registration EAE2020 or directly to the OPSEAE. For the year 2020, the change of KYD is not allowed by the producer . Modifications to the applications are registered electronically by the KYD submitted to the EAE on behalf of the producer or by the producer himself for online users directly to the OPSEAE. The producer has the right to modify any of the permitted fields of the application, which are defined as obvious errors in EU legislation, according to the following categorization.A) For changes that do not fall under a control rule, as described in the relevant circular, are registered directly in the EAE by the user and the EAE is finalized without requesting an administrative act.B ) For changes that require control, as described in the relevant circular, an administrative act request is submitted. The changes are registered directly in the EAE by the user but the electronic submission of an administrative request is required in order to be evaluated by an auditor of OPEKEPE and then to finalize the EAE according to the result of the evaluation. If the request for an administrative act is approved, then the producer can not return with a newer request. The following are noted: The EAE can be amended by an Administrative Act, as described in point (B) above only once. Changes in aid applications and the submission of requests for an administrative act are allowed no later than 31/1/2021. Changes in the applications and the submission of requests for an administrative act regarding rural development measures must be submitted by the first payment of the action (advance payment). So the change of ownership and the change of ownership data for the cases where there is a final inclusion in the action 10.1.08 “CONFUSION” 3rd Invitation is allowed until the first payment of the action (advance payment) Changes in the number of retained and correction of obvious errors related to animal aid must be completed by 31/01/2021.Documented requests submitted for any with reason so much in K.Y. as well as in the Regional Directorates, Regional Units, Prefectural Units of OPEKEPE. are not accepted and rejected without further evaluation and without written response. The electronic submission of requests is done in the application it in Google News and be the first to see all the news See all the news Greece and the World, at

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