AEL: Upgrades the training center with a third stadium

AEL continues the renovation of its training center, in Dendra Tyrnavou and started the works for the third stadium. He also made known, with photos, the course of the upgrade. The announcement in detail: “PAE AEL announces the start of work at its privately owned training center in Dendra Tyrnavos. The President and owner of PAE Mr. Alexis Kougias decided, after the suggestions of the members of the Board and the heads of the competition department, the complete reconstruction of the entire installation and its fundamental upgrade. The reconstruction began yesterday with the installation of the Larissa Green Grass Ltd. of brothers Nikos and Neokratis Papakonstantinou at the training center. stadiums in the prefecture of Larissa, in the Region of Thessaly, but also throughout Greece and with the completion of the projects will undertake the maintenance of our training center. The works include, among other things, the complete reconstruction of the 2 football fields by upgrading the existing irrigation system. create remote drainage system and placement of ready lawn of psychophilic variety. In the surrounding auxiliary areas will be earthworks improvements and leveling, upgrading of the irrigation system, lubrication, ventilation and drainage. Also will be created a special area – sand dune, where the injured will be repaired, which we hope to never use and all our athletes to be healthy. Tyrnavos and especially with the Mayor Mr. Ioannis Kokouras and the Deputy Mayor Mr. Christoforos Katsaros PAE AEL will use as training the Municipal Stadium of Tyrnavos and the Municipal Stadium of the local community of Trees for the next period until the completion of the works in the pre-school Our center. In the two stadiums, the Municipal Stadium of Tyrnavos and the Common The Trees Stadium has been leveled at the expense of PAE AEL and if required there will be other interventions. Mr. Alexis Kougias, the Board of PAE, our coaches and players we would like to express our warmest thanks to Mayor Mr. Kokouras and the Deputy Mayor Mr. Katsaros for their immediate response to our request for the use of the Municipality’s stadiums and their practical support once again, since in the past we have been granted municipal stadiums for youth team games or preparation games, as well as to all the people of Tyrnavos who help maintain the stadiums and are by our side every day for anything we need. It would be our omission not to praise the help of the people of the local Tree community and the people of the local team of Keravnos Trees of the President of the union Mr. Vassilis Donas, who without a second thought raised the Community c village square, adjacent to our training center, at the disposal of our team for the duration of the work and whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts ┬╗Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World , in the

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